Richter Cine Collimator System Available

Rebuilt and calibrated Richter Collimator system available for sale

UPDATE: This collimator system described in this post has been SOLD.  If you are interested in purchasing a collimator system please get in touch via email (see below). 

The system has been reconditioned and upgraded for the accuracy demands of today’s cine lenses and digital cine cameras. It is priced at a fraction of what new autocollimator systems (Chrosziel, Gecko-Cam, Duclos) are being sold for today. The package consists of:

Richter Collimator Setup
Richter Autocollimator with FPM W/PL Mt, OTB Mod B, 60, 130, 180 and 254mm Objectives, EF Mt, Light Source
Complete Richter Cine Autocollimator System (see photo above)
  • Richter Cine R2 Autocollimator Block,  rebuilt with CinemaTechnic upgrades
  • Richter Cine 60mm Collimator Objective
  • Richter Cine 130mm Collimator Objective
  • Richter Cine 180mm Collimator Objective
  • Richter Cine  254mm or 275mm Collimator Objective
  • CinemaTechnic Fiber Optic Light Guide Adapter for R2 Autocollimator
  • Richter ARRI PL mount Lens Mount
  • Custom Canon EF mount Lens Mount
  • Richer M2M Focal Plane Micrometer with Starret 468M micrometer head, .002mm accuracy, with CinemaTechnic upgrade for easy zeroing.
  • Richter Model B Optical Lens Test Bench with 36″ rods
  • Richter Cine Lens Support for OTB
  • Halogen Fiber-Optic Illuminator with adjustable intensity, fiber-optic light guide.
  • Set of instructions
  • Calibration warranted for 1 year
  • Phone/email tech support for 30 days included, one-on-one training available at additional cost

Complete system as above: SOLD

We may have another Richter Cine Autocollimator System available soon. Please check this site for updates.

All components of this collimator system have been serviced and brought up to “like new” performance.

Compare to Duclos Lenses collimator system at $19,695.- or Gecko-Cam’s collimator system at € 31,700.- (currently $41,158.- plus shipping from Germany).

Contact: cinematechnic@mac_com

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