Richter Cine Collimators and Test Projectors

Richter Cine Collimators and Test Projectors

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Richter Collimator
Richter Autocollimator system owned by CinemaTechnic

Above: Richter Cine R2 Autocollimator setup with 254mm Objective, LED Mini-Maglite, M2 Focal Plane Micrometer, ARRI PL Lens Standard on Model B Optical Bench.

Foreground items: Fiber Optic Light Guide Adapter, 60mm Collimator Objective, ARRI Standard and ARRI Bayonet Lens Standards.

Richter Cine Equipment

Richter Cine was an American company, based in upstate New York, that manufactured autocollimators and lens test projectors specifically designed for use in testing photographic and particularly cinematographic optics.

The company was founded by Kenneth Richter, who was a cinematographer and a filmmaker specializing in travelogue films.

Looking for a used Richter Autocollimator system?

CinemaTechnic will have a complete system available for sale shortly. The system will be priced at a fraction of what new autocollimator systems (Chrosziel, Gecko-Cam, Duclos) are being sold for today. This instrument is currently being refurbished and calibrated. The package consists of:

Complete Richter Cine Autocollimator System
  • Richter Cine R2 Autocollimator Block,  rebuilt with CinemaTechnic upgrades
  • Richter Cine 130mm Collimator Objective
  • Richter Cine  275mm Collimator Objective
  • LED Illuminator (variable intensity, constant color temperature) and Fiber Optic Light Guide
  • CinemaTechnic Light Guide Adapter for R2 Autocollimator with condenser/diffuser system and spectral filter
  • Custom PL mount Lens Mount with stainless steel flange
  • Custom EF mount Lens Mount
  • CinemaTechnic Focal Plane Micrometer with digital micrometer (.001mm accuracy) and Richter flange, upgradable to IMS.
  • Collimator Bench (28″ rods)  with Autocollimator Holder and FPM / Camera platform (bench was originally built for ARRI USA)

Complete system  $8492.-

Options (additional cost):
  • Additional new lens mounts on request (C-Mount, Sony E, MFT, Leica-M, Leica-R, Canon FD, Nikon F, ARRI Standard, ARRI Bayonet.
  • Additional collimator objectives (new production): 60mm, 500mm
  • Reference fixed test lens (modified IBE Null) for checking autocollimator and testing/adjusting FFD on digital cameras
  • Additional length rods for collimator bench
  • FFD Calibration Kit for PL Mount
  • FFD Calibration Kit for EF Mount
  • Optical flat for autocollimator calibration check
  • Digital video camera to replace autocollimator eyepiece (customer to provide monitor)
  • Lens support for collimator bench (for large heavy zoom lenses)

If you are interested in purchasing this system, or want more information please contact us at: cinematechnic@mac_com

The Richter Cine R2 Reflex Autocollimator

Richter Cine’s best known product is the R2 reflex autocollimator. The system was comprised of an autocollimator block (the reflex unit), a collimator objective, and light source. It was possible to see the image reflected by film in the aperture of the camera being tested when a lens and camera were tested together.

Richter Cine manufactured a series of interchangable collimator objectives for the R2, using a C mount thread for attachment to the collimator block.

Shorter focal length objectives (60, 130mm) were used to test shorter focal length lenses and longer focal length objectives (254 – 500mm) were used to test longer focal length lenses.

The following is a list of all known available Richter objectives. The most common are 60mm, 130mm and 254mm. Part numbers beyond 500mm are unknown and the 650mm and longer objectives were special-order items produced in very limited quantity.

Standard objectives up to 650mm are refractor objectives using only spherical lens elements.  Objectives longer than 650mm are mirror lens objectives, using a combination of spherical mirrors (like an astronomical telescope) and spherical lens elements. The mirror lens design makes the physical length of those objectives much shorter than their focal length.

Richter Cine Collimator Objectives:

Focal Length | f# | Type | Test Lens Range | Richter Part #

60mm  f??   refractor  6 – 30mm  #117

130mm  f4.3 refractor  13 – 65mm   #118  standard equipment for R2F

180mm  f??   refractor  18- 90mm  #119

254mm  f4.9 refractor  25 – 127mm  #120  standard equipment for R2A and R2B

275mm f8.3 refractor 27 – 138mm (part # unknown, rare)

500mm  f9.6  refractor  50 – 250mm  #121

Special order objectives:

650mm  f10  refractor  65 – 325mm (very rare)

1000mm  f11  Maksutov-Cassegrain mirror lens,  200mm tube length 100 – 500mm

1250mm  f10  Schmidt-Cassegrain mirror lens,  275mm tube length 125 – 625mm

2000mm  f10  Schmidt-Cassegrain mirror lens,  425mm tube length 200 – 1000mm


“The rule of thumb is, to obtain the optimum collimator test image, the range of any lens to be tested should have a focal length not less than 1/10th or not more than 1/2 the focal length of the objective.”

Source: Instructions for Use of the Richter Cine Equipment Reflex Autocollimator Model R-2 ©1961 Richter Cine Equipment


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