new products for 2024

I will be introducing some new Richter Cine compatible products in early 2024. The fist of these is the Gen.2 update of the CinemaTechnic Richter M-2 Digital Focal Plane Micrometer. These will be available on a pre-order basis.

Pricing is TBD. Please email to get on the notification list.

The Gen.2 HD Video upgrade for Richter R-2 Autocollimator blocks will be the next new product. It uses a new primary optical relay allowing it to be retro-fitted to unmodified R-2 blocks. Externally it looks the same as the first generation version.

Both of the upgrades require special tools for installation and calibration so you will need to send your your items to me for the upgrade. I will be offering the option of installation in Europe for E.U. based customers.

Later in 2024 I will be introducing newly manufactured collimator objectives. The first focal length to be offered will be 300mm. These new objectives will also be offered in a version to fit Moeller-Wedel autocollimators.

I am also considering new PL-54 (original ARRI PL) and PL-62 (LPL) compatible mounts for direct-fit to Richter Cine M-2, S-2 and Lens Test Projector. Please email me to let me know of your interest in these products.

As a reminder: Unless you are an existing customer (you purchased your Richter system from me or had it calibrated by me) the cut-off to have your original Richter Cine components serviced and calibrated is December 23, 2023.

After that date Richter Cine components purchased from third parties (eBay, auctions, used equipment) will not be accepted for service or calibration.

Exceptions are: R-2 blocks will be accepted for HD Video upgrade or for calibration if you are buying new objectives from me. M-2 Focal Plane Micrometers will be accepted only for M-2 Digital upgrade. Calibration of the analog micrometer will no longer be offered.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can get on the service schedule with a small deposit prior to Dec. 23.