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Resources | Cine Lenses | CinemaTechnic

Resources | Cine Lenses

CinemaTechnic Optics Resources Portal

Zeiss Planar f0.7/50mm "NASA Kubrick lens" Canon K35 Block Diagram

The History of High Speed Cine Lenses

Including the Canon K35 aspherical and Zeiss High Speed series and the Planar 0.7/50mm

B&L Super Baltar 25mm optical blockCanon K35 24mm T1.5 converted to PL mount

Vintage Professional 35mm Format Cine Lenses Portal (pre 1996)

ex. Angenieux (pre-Optimo), B&L Super Baltar, Canon K35, Cooke Speed Panchro, Cooke Classic Zooms,  Zeiss Standard & Zeiss High Speed (Super Speed)

Zeiss Master Anamorphic 50mm T1.9 2xZeiss Master Prime Sonnar T* 100mm T1.3

Modern Professional 35mm Format Cine Lenses Portal (1996- present)

ex. Angenieux Optimo, Cooke S4, Leica, Zeiss Ultra Prime, Master Prime, Compact Prime, Compact Zoom, Master Anamorphic

Angenieux 11.5-138mm T2.3 HR Super 16 Angenieux 7-81mm HR

Super 16mm Cine Lenses – for Film and Digital S16 Formats

Including Angenieux zooms, Cooke zooms, Cooke SK4, Zeiss Super Speed and Zeiss Ultra 16,

Zeiss Distagon ZF 18mm f3.5

Modern Professional FF35 Format Stills Lenses for Digital Cinema (content in development)

Including Canon L Series, Sony Alpha, Zeiss ZE/ZF, Zeiss Otus

Nikkor 85mm f1.4 AiS

Vintage Professional FF35 Format Still Lenses for Digital Cinema (content in development)

Including Asahi (Pentax), Canon FD, Contax C/Y, Leica-R, Nikon F

Updated 2020-07-11

Optics and Optical Testing for Digital Cinema

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