Richter Collimator Systems

Richter Collimator system (without video), with M-2 Digital and variable LED illuminator

Complete Upgraded Richter Cine Collimator Systems (page in development)

Updated 2 July 2020

CinemaTechnic offers complete turn-key Richter Cine Collimator Systems.

The systems we sell are complete with all the components you need for a working system. All items have been reconditioned and calibrated. Many components will have upgrades that were never available from Richter Cine or anyone else.

CinemaTechnic Richter R-2 Digital with 130mm Collimator Objective (insert shows collimator image as seen on HD monitor)

Basic System:

  • R-2 Digital Collimator Block, reconditioned, calibrated and upgraded.
  • New modern Eyepiece and eyepiece adapter
  • HD Video Relay Lens and adapter
  • C-Mount HD Video Camera (1080P) with HDMI or SDI out
  • 130mm Collimator Objective
  • 254mm Collimator Objective
  • M-2 Digital Focal Plane Micrometer with Richter thread, optional upgrade to IMS Mount
  • ARRI PL Mount
  • Canon EF Mount
  • Illumination Adapter with condenser lens and diffuser
  • Variable LED Illumination system
  • CinemaTechnic Collimator Bench – new design made to ISO standards using 25mm rods
  • Flange Focal Depth Kit for ARRI PL – including dial gage+adapter, and calibration cylinder
  • Set of detailed instructions
  • Technical support for one year
  • Calibration warranted for one year
  • One hour of training at our facility or yours (travel costs not included)
CinemaTechnic Richter M-2 Digital with IMS Conversion and PL Mount

At the moment we do not have any complete systems available for sale. We anticipate having at least one system available by the end of 3rd quarter 2020.

Please get in touch via email if you are interested in a complete collimator system, or have any questions:

Availability is limited and there is usually a waiting list for complete Richter systems. It takes a long time to go through all the reconditioning and upgrade process, plus calibration. We recommend letting us know of your interest even if you are not ready to buy at this moment.


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