Super-16 Ground Glass

Super-16 Ground Glass (Fiber Optic)
for Arriflex 16SR 1 – 2 – 3

NOTE: The 16SR fiber optic screen conversion process (to Super 16 format) is still available on a limited basis. Please get in touch to get current pricing and turn-around times

Arriflex 16SR Super 16 Fiberscreens and Fiberscreen conversions available from CinemaTechnic



All Super-16 conversions of the Arriflex 16SR must include a replacement of conversion of the existing standard-16 Fibescreen (Fiber-Optic Viewing Screen or “ground glass”) to the Super-16 format.

There are two options available:

1) Replace the existing Fiberscreen with a new ARRI Super-16 format Fiberscreen  for the Arriflex 16SR-3, fully compatible with all Super-16 converted 16SR-I or 16SR-II. Price is $1,350.00 USD NOTE: These viewing screens are discontinued by ARRI an no longer available new.

2) Convert the existing Fiberscreen to Super-16 format. This is a very high precision process of removing the existing format markings and electrodepositing new markings. Cinematechnic offers a service to convert your existing standard-16 fiberscreen to Super-16.

We have contracted with a very specialized facility in the U.S., with extensive experience in this area, to perform these conversions. Price is $639.00 USD, plus shipping. Turn around time is approximately six to eight weeks.

The above price requires that you provide an acceptable condition 16SRII or 16SR3 fiber optic screen as a “core”. The price without core is $789.-

NOTE: If you want your 16SR fiberscreen converted, don’t wait untill the last minute. There is only one facility in the world that can do this work and turn around times are approximate and can be as much as 6-8 weeks during peak demand.

The design of these format markings is similar to the fiber optics viewing screens for the new Arriflex 16SR-3 Advanced, which does not have a lightmeter. They do not include shading of the “look around” area beyond full aperture or the dots on the left edge for the light meter needle.  All format markings have crosshairs. They do not incorporate a shaded area around the format marking.

The following format markings are available:

NOTE: The maximum camera aperture for Super-16 on an Arriflex 16SR 1-2-3 is 12.40 x 7.50mm

2.35:1 solid outline with 1.66:1 full aperture outline and cross hair. No shading or light meter dots. Limited availability. Delivery 6-8 weeks from time of order. $639.- USD plus your usable core, or $789.- USD without core.

1.66:1 Single outline, 11.75 x 7.05mm (0.4626 x 0.2776in)

1.66:1/ TV-1.33 Combo Outer outline 1.66:1 (11.75 x 7.05mm), Inner outline (TV-1.33 8.40 x 6.30mm)

1.77:1 (16:9) Single outline: 11.94 x 6.72mm

1.85:1 Widescreen Single outine 1.85:1 (for Super-16 > 35mm blow-up) (11.75 x 6.35mm)

1.66/1.78/1.85/TV Combo: Outer outline: Super-16 projector aperture 1.66:1 (12.40 x 7.50mm). Inner outline: 1.85:1 (11.71 x 6.30mm), 1.78:1 (11.20 x 6.30mm), TV-1.33 (8.40 x 6.30mm)

1.66:1/HDTV/TV Combo: Outer outline: 1.66:1 (12.35 x 7.50mm) 1.77:1 HDTV 16:9 (Corner marks 11.94 x 6.75mm) Inner outline TV-1.33 (8.40 x 6.30mm)

1.66:1/HDTV PROTECTED/14:9: Outer outline 1.66:1 (12.35 x 7.5) Inner outline HDTV 1.77:1 (11.95 x 6.72), 14:9 dashed marks (10.42 x 6.72mm) Special European PAL widescreen format

Conversion time is approximately six to eight weeks Please inquire.

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Updated 4/30/2017     Prices and terms subject to change without notice.


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