The highest quality tools have always been an interest of mine. I have always found in my life that I have never regretted buying a quality tool.

When have you ever regretted buying the best?

Servicing Cine Lenses requires a great deal of specialized tools that can be very difficult to find. Also, many of the tools I purchased when beginning my career are now unavailable.

Many of my clients are located overseas and incur significant downtime and costs if they have to send lenses out for repair. For that reason more independent rental houses are putting together their own tool kits so that they can perform basic service.

I have been making my own tools for over 20 years and have now begun to offer my tools for sale:

Cine Lens Service Tools

Optical Test Equipment (Collimators) for Cine and Photographic Lenses

Cine Film Camera Service Tools

Precision Tools

Machine Tools

Machine Tool Accessories

Updated 03-31-2020

Optics and Optical Testing for Digital Cinema

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