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CinemaTechnic R-2 Digital Autocollimator with 130mm objective and HD camera

Updated 19 November 2023

CinemaTechnic are the cine lens testing experts in the U.S. Founder Jorge Diaz-Amador has nearly a quarter century of experience with Richter Cine Collimators, and nearly two decades experience with Moeller-Wedel collimators. He was also was the first person in the U.S. to operate the Carl Zeiss K8 and K9 MTF Testers.

In the motion picture (Cine) industry, and the professional still camera industry precision lens testing equipment is used to both check the image quality of lenses and precisely calibrate focus accuracy of lens.

CinemaTechnic is the only source worldwide for calibration and refurbishment of Richter Cine collimator systems, and now develops upgrades for both the Richter Cine and Moeller-Wedel collimator systems, such as HD Video Out and Digital Focal Plane Micrometer.

Calibration and reconditioning service for Richter Cine collimators is currently available. Beginning in 2024 calibration and reconditioning services will not be offered for Richter systems purchased from third parties (meaning you did not buy it from CinemaTechnic).

Starting in January 2024 reconditioned and calibrated items will be offered for sale. You may be able to trade in your existing equipment at market value, based on condition.

If you have a Richer Cine system you want to have serviced and calibrated please get in touch now as remaining 2023 service time is almost completely booked.

Jorge is currently working on the CinemaTechnic Collimator Book expected to be published in 2024. He also conducts training seminars on the use of autocollimators and lens test projectors, as well as cine lens service training.

Autocollimators – Basic Information

Original Richter Cine R-2 Reflex Autocollimator with 130mm Objective

Richter Cine Collimators and Test Projectors

CinemaTechnic Richter M-2 Digital with IMS Mount and PL Adapter

Upgrades for Richter Cine Collimators

Moeller-Wedel Autocollimator with Video Relay testing a Richter Cine Collimator Objective

Moeller-Wedel Autocollimators

CinemaTechnic EF Mount for Richter Cine M-2

Lens Testing Mounts

CinemaTechnic Flange Focal Depth Measuring Kit

Flange Focal Distance Measuring Tools

Collimators (non-reflex)

Carl Zeiss K9 MTF Tester

Carl Zeiss K8 and K9 MTF Testers

Century Precision Lens Test Projector

Lens Test Projectors – Vintage Models

P+S Technik Lens Checker Test Projector with still camera mounted on top

Lens Test Projectors – New Models

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Updated 2023-11-19

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Optics and Optical Testing for Digital Cinema

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