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CinemaTechnic | Used Digital Cinema and Motion Picture Film Camera Accessories and Spare Parts

Reasonable offers and trades for cine or professional still camera lenses or cine lens parts will be considered. email cinematechnic@mac_com

Updated 16 May 2020

Keep in mind that older used equipment purchased for rock-bottom prices ALWAYS has inherent problems and will require many hours of costly service work and spare parts which are in very short supply or sometimes unavailable.

When you buy from CinemaTechnic you are buying  peace of mind. You have my assurance that anything you buy from CinemaTechnic is ready to shoot the day you get it. No nasty surprises.

Unless noted, only one of each item is available. If you’re interested get in touch now before it’s gone: cinematechnic@mac_com


Lee Utterbach video assist

Lee Utterbach 16SR Video Assist  without camera – use 1/2″ CCD or larger c-mount camera. Developed by Lee Uttebach and CEI, this compact unit is compatible with larger modern lenses such as Cooke SK4 and Zeiss Ultra 16. Discontinued in 2009 when Lee Utterbach closed. Requires installation by a camera technician.

Lee Utterbach Video Assist Optics for 16SR  $1495.-

Jurgen’s Jurgen’s 16SR Video Assist Tap (optics, without camera) installs on 16SR  J-Bar $3250.- SOLD Jurgen’s Video Assist products no longer available


16SR3 Magazines

SR3 400′ Mag, overhauled, new clutch pads, soft drive gear, collapsible core, timecode module.  $975.- only one available

16SR2 Magazines
16SR2 Magazine
ARRI Arriflex 16SR2 Magazine, Super 16 converted

16SR2 400′ mag, upgraded to S16 compatibility by Axel Broda Arriflex Technic. All late model SR2 magazine updates (new style feed core, pressure plate, etc.) Freshly serviced, original black paint in excellent condition. $875.-  SOLD

16SR2HS Magazine
ARRI Arriflex 16SR2 HS (High Speed) Magazine, Super 16 converted

16SR2-HS Magazine Super 16 – late model 400′ HS mag with all ARRI updates, upgraded to S16 compatibility by CinemaTechnic. Gray paint. Excellent condition. $925.-  SOLD


ARRI 16SR Super 16 Conversion Kit $2150.-


  • 16SR complete front casting with S16 centered PL mount, viewfinder pivot mount machined to S16 position
  • 16SR film gate EDM machined to S16

This kit must be installed by a qualified and experienced ARRI film camera technician. Only one kit available.

Super 35mm Conversion Kit for ARRI 35-3

CinemaTechnic Complete Super-35 Conversion Kit for Arriflex 35III. Includes custom Super-35 PL Mount (complete with backing plate), Full Aperture Gate (18.6 x 24mm, Mk. I version), Super-35 Ground Glass Holder, Your choice of Super-35 Ground Glass (NEW) $2395.00 only one kit remaining

ARRI Arriflex 35IIC/B Bayonet Lens Turret $175.-

Converts any Arriflex 35IIB or 35IIC to Bayonet mount capability.  One ARRI Bayonet mount and two ARRI Standard mounts. Allows compatibility with modern lenses such as zoom lenses and Zeiss Standard Primes Mk.II.  Easily installed.

ARRI Bayonet mount for ARRI 35-3 (very rare) Inquire.


ARRI Arriflex 35-3 Mk. I Full Aperture Film Gate 18.6 x 24mm Super-35 $275.00

ARRI Arriflex 16SR film gate modifed to Super 16 format by CinemaTechnic
Full 7.5 x 12.35mm Super 16 aperture. EDM machined and hand lapped. Use your existing gate rails. $345.00


ARRI 16SR  fiber optic viewing screens. Fits Arriflex 16SRI, 16SRII, 16SR3, 16SR3A, 416.

Fiber Optic Viewing Screen (ground glass) for ARRI 16SR

1.77:1 (16:9) Super 16 (converted, no light meter markings) for 16SR 1-2-3-3A) $750.- no waiting! SOLD

2.39:1 Super 16 NEW with full aperture corner marks –  design by CinemaTechnic. Limited availability. -inquire

Super 16 converted fiber optic screen for 16SR series (your choice for four patterns) $749.- NOTE: This item requires payment in advance and turn-around time to be quoted at time of order.

1.37:1/TV  standard 16 (16SR3 version)  $195.-

1.37:1/TV  standard 16 (standard for 16SR2)  $145.-

1.37:1/TV  standard 16 (standard for 16SR1 ) $95.-

ARRI 35mm Ground Glass Style 1 Fits: Arriflex 35IIC / Arriflex 35IIIC,  Arriflex 35-III

*We have a few GG available. Will be updated soon. For now please email.*


Cinematography Electronics Precision Speed Control Mk. II

Cinematography Electronics Precision Speed Control Mark II with Dogbone Bracket and ARRI Cable

The best digital speed control ever made for ARRI 16SR / ARRI 35-3 and 35 BL III/IV. Controls camera speed in .001 fps increments. Includes digital active tachometer (camera speed) and film use counter (feet or meters, switchable) with memory – won’t loose count when camera is shut off. Automatic camera detection prevents setting speed higher than camera maximum. Switchable internal speed limiter. Works with most Aaton, ARRI and Panavision film cameras, including 3-perf 35mm. ARRI 11 pin Fischer cable and dogbone bracket included. Cables available at additional cost for Cost for Aaton, ARRI 435, 535, SR3.  Excellent condition. Only one available. First one we’ve had available in 10 years. Original cost $3,300.00  Price: $789.- SOLD

Cinematography Electronics Remote Tachometer / Counter Mk. II

CE Tach Counter
Cinematography Electronics Remote Tach/Counter

A Precision Speed Control Mk.II without speed control capability. Includes digital active tachometer (camera speed) and film use counter (feet or meters, switchable) with memory. Automatic camera detection. Works with most Aaton, ARRI and Panavision film cameras, including 3-perf. Excellent upgrade for ARRI 16SR 1-2 which don’t have footage or frame counter built-in. Know if you have enough film for the next take!

C.E. Tach/Counter with ARRI Fischer-11 cable:  Original cost $2100.   $559.-

(Cables available at additional cost for Cost for Aaton, ARRI 435, 535, SR3)

ARRI EFC 16SR Remote Tachometer / Footage Counter

ARRI Arriflex EFC 16SR Electronic Footage Counter for Arriflex 16SR and 16SR Highspeed, refurbished by CinemaTechnic

This is the original and rare EFC 16SR. Displays camera speed in FPS and footage used in feet. Connects to the 16SR’s Fischer-11 accessory part. Incorporates a battery to maintain memory of footage used when camera is switched off.

This unit makes up for one of the defects of the 16SR – the lack of a display. Can be used simultaneously with the analog variable speed control (ARRI VSU) and an 11-pin Fischer splitter box (such as the ARRI ZV) Difficult to find –only about 200 of these units were made.

This is a reconditioned unit in excellent condition with new insulation on the cable and repainted cover (ARRI gray).

NOTE: The red LED above the “reset” button indicates that the internal memory battery is dead. This photo was taken before I received a new memory battery. With the new battery installed the unit now functions correctly and the LED is extinguished.

ARRI EFC 16SR: $395.-  NOTE: we have this rare item available again due to the customer upgrading to a C.E. speed control. Don’t hesitate if you need an inexpensive solution to knowing film use on the ARRI 16SR I/II. SOLD

Cinematography Electronics 16SR 1-2 Built-In Speed Control

CE 16SR Speed Control
Cinematography Electronics 16SR Speed Control for Arriflex 16SR and 16SR Highspeed
CE 16SR Speed Control on camera
Cinematography Electronics 16SR Speed Control for Arriflex 16SR mounted on camera

A great upgrade for ARRI 16SR cameras. This unit takes the place of the 16SR I/II light meter. The unit combines an expanded crystal speed range, digital readouts, and other features  for the 16 SR 1, 2 and 16 SRHS 1, 2 cameras. The SR SPEED CONTROL provides 75 crystal speeds for the standard SR camera and 150 crystal speeds for the SRHS camera.

Precise speed selections in one frame increments are easily accomplished with the push button digit switches that are protected by an integral sliding door. An out of sync beeper with adjustable volume chirps when the camera is not running at the selected speed.
Bright red LEDs display the camera speed in frames per second (fps), and the film count in either feet or meters. Two battery indicator LEDs show the voltage condition of the camera battery at all times.

Original cost of the C.E. 16SR Speed Control: $3500.- (not including installation)

Used C.E. 16SR Speed Control, includes mounting parts and wiring harness (requires installation):  $895.- SOLD

Tobin (TCS) TMC2-LCD Milliframe controller. Less than 10 of these were built. This special TMC2-LCD was custom built by Clive Tobin for CinemaTechnic by special request. We needed a digital speed control with a footage counter display to test ARRI 16SR cameras on the bench, and also verify the correct output from the 11 pin Fischer port (camera speed and footage count). Clive had discontined the original TMC2 LED version. He agreed to rig up a one-off LCD version whith a frame counter only. He ended up over-delivering with a full working frame counter, the only drawback being no memory buffer and no reset button. Since all TMC models are discontinued, your only options are to find a barely used one like this, a used one, or just buy a CE PSCII as above for $3300. Includes 11 pin Fischer connector cable. $829.- SOLD

ARRI Digitach: Digital footage and frame rate plus analog variable speed control for ARRI 16 SR $595.- SOLD


ARRI Compatible, for Digital Cinema and Motion Picture Film Cameras
ARRI Prime Lens Follow Focus Gear
ARRI Follow Focus Gear for Prime Lenses, modified by CinemaTechnic for extra clearance for Mirror Reflex cine cameras.

ARRI Prime Lens gear for Follow Focus 2 or newer, modified for clearance on 35mm cameras with mirror shutter below lens mount (ARRI 35BL, 435, 535, ARRICam, Moviecam). Machined and re-anodized. Will not scratch paint off these cameras. $145.-

ARRI FF Gear Cooke Zoom
ARRI Follow Focus Gear for Cooke Zoom lenses

ARRI ARRI Cooke Zoom gear for Follow Focus 2 or newer, mint cond! $95.-

ARRI FF Gear Prime Lenses, Delrin
ARRI Follow Focus Gear, Brown Delrin (Panavision style)

ARRI ARRI Prime Lens gear for Follow Focus 2 or newer, special Teflon impregnated Delrin (bown Panavision style) will not scratch or scuff lens focus gears $145.-

ARRI ARRI FF2 Studio Follow Focus, with right and left hand knobs, Zeiss and Cooke gears, whip and crank. Fully overhauled and repainted ARRI gray. Fits 15mm rods. $2195. SOLD

Cinetech Cinetech follow focus, with right and left hand knobs, gear, marking disc, fits 15mm LWS rods (mini rods). $1995.- SOLD


NOTE: These zoom control items are professional Cinema style and are not intended to be compatible with any lens servo units or built-in zoom controls that are integrated into digital cameras. They are stand-alone units. All units require 12V DC power (except Chrosziel Fluid Zoom).

CP J-6 Zoom Control
Cinema Products J-6 Zoom Control System

Cinema Products J6 Zoom Control, fully overhauled, with Microforce style cable and CP J4 zoom Motor modified with Microforce compatible LEMO connector. Controller body painted ARRI Gray. $1450.-

Preston Microforce V+F Zoom Control System, with Heden M26T motor, Y-cable with 11pin Fischer plug $2795.- SOLD

Heden M26T Zoom Motor
Heden M26T Zoom Motor with eccentric, without gear

Heden M26T Zoom Motor (correct motor for analog Microforce)  (includes 33mm eccentric, requires gear, available from Preston Cinema, gear choice depends on your application$1650.- SOLD

Preston 1146 Swing Arm Bracket for Heden M26T motor, for 15mm rods $170.- SOLD

CP J-4 Motor
Cinema Products J-4 Zoom Motor

CP-J4 Cinema Products J4 Zoom Motor, with 4-pin XLR connector $ 395.- SOLD (we have only one CP J-4 available with the CP J-6 kit listed above)

CP J-4 System
Cinema Products J-4 Zoom Control Complete System

Cinema Products J4 “Joystick” Zoom Conrol – Complete system with: J4 Servo Zoom motor, zoom speed control box with built-in rechargable NiCad battery (new cells), and charger. Sold for $2,200 new in 1985 $440.- SOLD

Cinema Products J5 Handgrip Zoom Conrol – Modified by CinemaTechnic to work with 16SR, Includes cable, J4 Motor W/ Microforce compatible LEMO connector. Microforce style black paint. $750.- SOLD

Chrosziel Fluid Zoom

1 unit with 41.6mm rings and 40.8mm fine pitch gear (that is likely a timing pulley for a belt). Black label.

1 unit with 49.5mm rings and no gear. Pink label.

Both units compatible with brackets that have Ø33mm holes, and accommodate gears that are 6mm wide and have an 8mm bore.

Your choice $295.-

Also available is a bracket to hold either a Ø33mm eccentric zoom motor or one of the above fluid zoom units on a Zeiss 10-100 T2 or 11-110 T2.2. NOTE: The fluid zoom units will only fit on the 10-100 T2 Mk.I with this bracket.

Preston Cinema Heden to J4 Adapter – Adapts Heden M26T zoom motors to lens brackets designed for J4 (large) zoom motor.

Heden style zoom motor to Zeiss Vario-Sonnar bracket – inquire


LWS Light Weight Support rods (15mm Dia. x 60mm spacing) for ARRI 16SR 1-2-3 and ARRI 35-3. Attaches to front of 16SR below the lens mount, or rod bracket on spacer base or CE Base for the 35-3. The ARRI version is long discontinued. These are high quality aftermarket rods, hard-coat anodized, with removable screw-in rods. Two 4″ stackable rod sets included. Only one left.

LWS for ARRI $275.00 (while supplies last)


Compatibility: 35mm style bridge plates will work with most 35mm film cameras and Digital Cine cameras that are designed to be compatible with them.

16mm bridge plates are camera specific, and are only available for the ARRI 16 SR 1-2-3 and Aaton LTR-XTR series.

CinemaTechnic LWBP-16
CinemaTechnic Lightweight Bridge Plate LWBP-16

CinemaTechnic LWBP-16 – For 15mm Studio Rods. A small number of these new version interchangeable top plate units left. Compatible with ARRI 16SR 1-2-3 or can be adapted to other cameras. Go from sticks to hand held in 5 seconds.

LWBP-16 $650.-

CinemaTechnic LWBP-35 – For 15mm Studio Rods. New version using interchangeable top plate. Compatible with ARRI 35mm and other 35mm cameras that conform to ARRI standard: ARRI 35IIC, 35IIC, 35III, 35BL, 435, 535, ARRICAM ST, ARRICAM  LT, Moviecam Compact, Moviecam SL.

LWBP-35 $750.-

Bridgeplate for ARRI 35
Bridgeplate, 15mm rods and Dovetail Baseplate for ARRI 35mm cameras

VD UK Aaton LTR-XTR Conversion Plate for Van Diemen 16SR Bridge Plate very rare $145.- allows Aaton X series 16mm cameras to be used with Van Diemen Bridge Plate



35IIC / 16S / 16M / 16BL / 16SR Autoclosure Eyepiece


35 BL-3 Extension Viwefinder – also works with 16SR, 35-3

35-3 Pivoting Viewfinder Door

35-3 Straight Viewfinder Door


ARRI Battery / Charger Package: NCL-08D Charger, 8-12-16V switchable, with built-in discharger, and 3x NC 12/7R-1 12v 7 Amp-Hour compact block batteries. Well suited for 35III or 35BL package. Needs new cells. -Inquire


ARRI 35IIC / 16BL / 16SR eyepiece with eyecup. Auto-closure version $195.- Non auto-closure $175.- Limited supply.

ARRI complete eyecup assembly with metal frame (no closure door) Limited supply $95.-

ARRI rubber eyecups for 35IIC / 16BL / 16SR 1-2 style eyepiece (replacement rubber only) Limited supply: $49.-

EP-BL3 ARRI ARRI 35BL-3 type Wide Angle Eyepiece w/ Eyecup. 10x magnification, for 16SR, 35IIC, 35-3, 35BL (standard on 35BL-3). Fully overhauled, glass is perfect. Uses small size eyecup.  Inquire


MF-4 Nikon MF-4 250 Exposure Back for Nikon F3 Extremely rare. Type used on Space Shuttle (requires MD-4 motor drive on Nikon F-3) *make offer*

Nikon Nikkor AiS 85mm f1.4, manual focus. One of the best Nikkor primes ever made.  SOLD


We have many clearance items listed on eBay (seller: cinematechnic)

ARRI Arriflex 16SR Magazine Port Cover – covers mag port so you keep gate and film movement clean while your mags are being loaded. Conveniently allows for shot set-up while mags are in the hands of the loader. $37.50

ARRI ARRI Prime Lens gear for Follow Focus II, modified for clearance on 35mm cameras with mirror shutter below lens mount (ARRI 35BL, 435, 535, ARRICam, Moviecam). Will not scratch paint off these cameras. $124.00

ARRI ARRI Lightweight Support Rods for 16SR or 35-III, black andodized rods $ 245.- SOLD

ARRI ARRI standard handgip for ARRI 16 BL (no wiring or switches) $75.-

ARRI standard eyecup (metal part minus rubber eyecup) for original small (35IIC, 35BL I-III, 16BL, 16SR) eyepiece

ARRI Mag Port Cover for ARRI 16 BL – LIKE NEW $49.50 SOLD

Tiffen Series 9 85 Filter $59.50 SOLD (still have a few Tiffen Series 9 adapters left)

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