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Aaton A-Minima

The Aaton A-Minima is the penultimate Super 16mm camera design. It was followed by the ARRI 416 as the last Super 16 camera design.

Both ARRI and Aaton introduced their first compact, silent, coaxial magazine 16mm cameras in the 1970’s. Complete information on this camera is available on Aaton’s website: Aaton France A-Minima Page

The A-Minima was the first Super 16 only camera. It is a very compact mirror shutter Super 16 camera. The movement is similar to the Aaton LTR-XTR and does not use a registraton pin. The A-Minima uses special 200 ft plastic daylight loading spools that are unique to this camera. Film is wound emulsion out on these spools. The viewfinder is fixed at a 45º angle, and the viewfinder image is suprisingly bright and sharp.

The A-Minima requires a special film load. The film must be wound emulsion out on special 200 ft daylight. These spools are becoming difficult to find.

Regrettably Aaton went out of business as a motion picture camera manufacturer in 2013, although A-Minima production ceased well before that.


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