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Updated 25 November 2016

I’ve created this page as a central point for all the information I provide on modern cine lenses. To answer the question “what is a modern cine lens” and to draw the line for inclusion in this section, or the vintage lens section of this website I shall use the following reasoning:

Modern cine lenses will be any cine lens currently offered for sale new, or discontinued but still supported by the manufacturer. In some cases I’ll also include lenses made within the last 30 year by defunct manufacturers. To draw the line for cine lens vs. still photography lens: A cine lens is designed for a specific cine format coverage, and includes at a minimum the following features:

  • A lens mount to match a professional cine camera (film or digital cine) standard
  • Focus and iris gears
  • Iris scale marked in T-Stops
  • Professional grade construction quality

In this section I will cover only lenses that are available for sale and that I am able to service. I will excluding Panavision (since their modern lenses are never for sale) but will cover Vantage (since their lenses were originally for sale). However I will cover the early Panavision lenses in the vintage lens section.

Cine Lens Resources:

The history of high speed cine lenses

Overview of the history high speed cines lenses from the original Carl Zeiss Planar 0.7/50mm to the Master Prime series

Spherical Prime Lenses for 35mm Format

Cooke Mini S4 Primes T2.8

Cooke S4/S4i Primes T2.0

Cooke S5i Primes T1.4

Dalsa 4k Digital Cinema Primes T1.4-2.8

Summicron-C 50mm Side

Leica Summicron-C T2.0

Leica Summilux-C 16mm Side

Leica Summilux-C T1.4

Vantage Primes

Xeen Primes

Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2

Zeiss Compact Primes CP.2 T1.5 – T3.6

Zeiss Ultra Prime

Zeiss Ultra Primes T1.9

Zeiss Master Prime 100mm

Zeiss Master Primes T1.3 and Master Macro T2.0

Zeiss Super Speed 25mm T1.3 Mk.II

Zeiss High Speed / Super Speed Primes (f1.2 / T1.3)

Note: Since the Zeiss High Speed just transitoned to the vintage section in 2015 I’ll maintain a link here.

Spherical Zoom Lenses for 35mm Format

Angenieux Optimo Series

Canon CN-E Primes

Canon CN-E Zooms

Fujinon Zooms

Fujinon Premier Series Zooms

Tokina Zooms

Zeiss Compact Zoom T2.9

Spherical Zoom Lens Comparison Chart by Tom Fletcher

Anamorphic Prime Lenses for 35mm Format

Cooke Anamorphic

Zeiss Master Anamorphic 50mm T1.9 2x

Zeiss Master Anamorphic T1.9

Vantage Anamorphic

Anamorphic Zoom Lenses for 35mm Format

Angenieux Anamorphic Zoom Lenses

*content in development*


35mm Spherical Prime Lenses  Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2  ARRI Zeiss Ultra Prime  ARRI Zeiss Master Prime T1.3  ARRI Zeiss High Speed / Super Speed Prime T1.3 35mm Anamorphic Primes  ARRI Zeiss Master Anamorphic 2:1 T1.9 Zeiss lens images courtesy of Carl Zeiss except for High Speed Primes image Protection Status Protected by Copyscape NOTICE

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