Schaublin 102-80 lathe for sale

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Schaublin 102-80 Super-Presicion Lathe

Mid 1970’s Schaublin 102-80,  BL 23131x ***THIS MACHINE IS SOLD, THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST***

  • Headstock with 5:1 Geared Reduction Unit, for W25 collets, Nr. 407x
  • Morse Taper 2 tailstock (inch) Nr. 1008x
  • Screw-Operated Carriage,inch, 3.54″ stroke, 1982 build, from Schaublin 102N, Nr. N 3528x
  • Includes 13x W25 collets (fractional inch), MT2 live center, MT2 dead center, Jacob’s #34 Drill Chick on MT2 shank.

A motor is not included. This lathe can be mounted on a bench and driven from underneath by DC or AC motor controlled by a variable speed control.

Please contact me via email if you are interested. 

SV102-80 W25 Backgeared Headstock
Schaublin 102-80 Headstock with Geared Reduction Unit (5:1), W25 spindle

Schaublin lathes are known for their exceptional Swiss-Made quality and super precision. The company was originally started in 1915 and began by making tools for the Swiss watchmaking industry.

Although Schaublin subsequently introduced much larger machine tools and eventually CNC machines, the Schaublin plain-turning manual lathes, the model 70 and 102 are still in production and considered essential equipment by custom jewelers, custom watchmakers and other fine instrument makers.

Similar to pre-1965 Fender guitars, examples of 102-80 and 102N lathes built before the original Schaublin company was broken up and sold in the late 1980’s are highly sought after. They were fabricated and hand-fitted  by the original Schaublin staff in a continuous tradition that goes back 75 years.

Not many later model Schaublin 102-80 lathes are offered for sale in the U.S. When these machines do appear, they are often neglected, badly worn, rusty, stripped of tooling and frequently missing parts. It is often said in Schaublin lathe enthusiast circles that one has to wait for an estate sale for a Schaublin lathe with tooling to be made available for sale.

This is a unique opportunity for the right person.

SV102-80 Tailstock MT2 inch
Schaublin 102-80 Tailstock, Morse Taper 2, Inch graduations

Machine Applications for the Schaublin 102-80

  • Watchmaking and Clockmaking (Schaublin is considered the gold standard by master watchmakers)
  • Jewelry making
  • Precision Instrument making
  • Optical components (recommended in a number of optical manufacturing reference books)
  • Prototyping
  • Medical components
  • Aerospace

Basic Specifications:

  • SCHAUBLIN Model: 102-80,  serial No. 23131x
  • Headstock with 5:1 Geared Reduction Unit (backgear)
  • W25 spindle for W25 collets or W25 standard M48x3 threaded adapters (collet closers, chuck backplates), can use W20 collets with a W25-W20 adapter and drawbar available from Schaublin.
  • Screw Operated Carriage, inch graduations (no longer available) low backlash, fixing bolt and nut.
  • Morse Taper 2 Tailstock (inch graduations)
  • Original paint in good condition for machine age. Bed and headstock have blue-gray hammer finish paint.
  • NO rust, no signs or accident damage, spindle bore and threads in good condition, no missing or broken parts.
  • Tooling included in basic price: W25 Spindle Protector nut, thirteen (13) W25 collets, MT2 Live Center, MT2 Dead Center, Jacob’s Drill Chuck with MT2 shank,
  • FOB Burbank, CA 91506 USA
Schaublin 102N 102-45.000 Screw Operated Carriage
Schaublin 102N Nr. 102-45.000 Screw Operated Carriage, inch graduations, 3.54in stroke

Detailed information about my Schaublin 102 lathe:

Buyer of lathe has first right of refusal on my extensive collection of tooling for this machine – a near complete set of Schaublin accessories. See list below.

  • Bed: For underneath drive, type 105-15.000, Length 1 meter, cast-iron, precision ground, wt. 54kg [119 lb]
  • Headstock: Closed, for underneath drive, 5:1 Geared Reduction Unit, V-belt pulley, W25 collets, type 105-31.000, wt 26kg [57 lb]
  • Tailstock 2 Morse Taper: 102-65.500 Adjustable screw and hand wheel operated tailstock. Inch graduations. 3.15 kg [7 lb]
  • Drive System: 1.5 Kw motor (see specs below), driving through clutch and brake (foot pedal operated), through dual V-belt pulleys with two ratios available, to countershaft (foot pedal operated) with a 3 step pulley driving an identical pulley on the lathe spindle driven by a flat belt (Habasit).
  • Compound Slide: “carriage”, 102-45.000 (90mm stroke) 12 kg inch graduations
  • Center height: 4.015 in / 102 mm
  • Swing: 8.0 in / 203mm
  • Distance between centers: 17.716 in / 450 mm
  • Length of the bed: 1 meter [39.37 in]. flat ways, ground cast iron. Undersides of the headstock and tailstock that mate with the bed are hand scraped.
  • Spindle Bore: (stepped) 28 mm / 25mm
  • Bar Capacity: .75 in / 19 mm (pass through a W25 collet and the collet drawbar)
  • Spindle Nose: Type W25, Major Diameter 47.6mm (nominal 48mm),  Thread Pitch 3.0mm
  • Collet Type: W 25 Gr. 80-5. Max diameter pass-through collet: 19mm [0.75 in], max diameter stepped collet 25.4mm [1 in] See PDF for dimensions of collet. W20 collets with adapter.
  • Weight, Basic (Lathe bed, headstock, tailstock, carriage, for bench mounting, without motor) 95 kg [210 lb]
  • Weight, Bench Mount, W/ Bench: 102N-CF with 1.5kw motor and bench with Lista cabinet (not included) 320 kg [705 lb]


This lathe is in good used condition. The bed shows typical wear from moderate use. Paint is original and in fair-good condition. Bearing noise from headstock is low.

Location and Moving:

The lathe is currently located in Burbank, CA 91506.

The lathe and accessories can be mounted on a standard pallet for shipping. The machine’s location does not have a loading dock. Any lift gate truck with a lift capacity of 500 lbs or greater can lift the machine.

Additional Tooling

I have the following items of tooling which will be made available to the purchaser of the machine on a “first right of refusal” basis. All offers on the tooling will be refused until the lathe is sold.

It took over 10 years of diligent searching including two trips to Switzerland to put this tooling package together.

  • Screw operated carriage (90mm stroke, inch graduations) – ONE CARRIAGE STILL AVAILABLE, only in conjunction with the back-geared Schaublin 102 described at the top of this page.
  • Star Wheel Drilling Tailstock: New Style “N”  drilling tailstock, type 105-69.000 for W25 collets, metric graduation, wt 14.5kg [32 lb] – rare and highly sought after item. SOLD
  • Steady rest with standard and ball bearing roller jaws  SOLD
  • W25 collets, metric, near-complete set 0.5 to 25mm, some  collets are new SOLD
  • W25 collets, inch fractional: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 7/8, 1″, some collets are new – All new collets sold, some W25 collets still available.
  • W25 collets, inch fractional 16th, 32nd and 64th, incomplete set (64th inch collets are now special-order only from Schaublin and cost over $300.- each)
  • W25 Gr. 1 collet closer and machinable collets SOLD
  • W25 Gr. 2 collet closer and machinable collets  SOLD
  • W25 to W20 reduction adapter & W20 drawbar for quick collet closer  SOLD
  • 150mm 4-Jaw independent chuck for W25 threaded spindle, Pratt-Burnerd. This is not a chuck on a W25 back plate, but a chuck with an integrated W25 mount. Very rare item no longer available from Schaublin  SOLD
  • Milling Attachment for W20 collets with vertical slide (fits on carriage)  SOLD
  • Screw-Cutting Attachment (original Schaublin new old stock) for 102N. This is the “driveshaft / change gear” style which has been unavailable from Schaublin for decades. Includes change gears: 45, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80, 90, 100 (2), 125, 127T and Threading tool. Cuts inch pitches from 10 to 120 TPI, metric pitches 0.25 – 3.0 mm  SOLD
  • Various items of W25 spindle tooling, many hard to find items, some purchased new.
  •  Custom bracket to fit Waldmann Lamp  SOLD
  • 3HP Arco Roto-Phase rotary phase converter (allows lathe to be powered by 208-230V single-phase power. STLL AVAILABLE

More information on Schaublin lathes:

  • Schaublin lathe page on (Dr. David Samways) Also supplier of used Aciera, Schaublin, Mikron and other fine Swiss lathes and mills, plus accessories.

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