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Update: Shooting Film Today

Movie Film Camera Service for ARRI and Moviecam Cameras – Updated

Information on Specific Film Camera (Movie Camera) Models

Here I have provided my advice on a variety of 16mm, Super-16 and 35mm cameras. This first page deals with all ARRI / Arriflex cameras, which are the models I am most familiar with and specialize in. I’ve concentrated on presenting information that is not available anywhere else, either on the web or in print.
Scroll down to links below for Aaton, Bolex, Cinema Products, Eclair, Logmar, Mitchell, Moviecam, and Panavision. Please understand that I cannot cover every camera ever made, in no way should the omission of any camera from this resource imply a negative opinion of that product.
Remember it is my opinion only, not that of CinemaTechnic. This information is not approved or endorsed by any manufacturer. Active links are colored blue and underlined, the rest will come later. Please check back as this area is frequently updated.

NOTE: Questions about ARRI film cameras made before 1975, or non-ARRI cameras (with the exception of Logmar and Moviecam) will not be answered.
*Don’t miss the camera resource links at the bottom of the page*

Arriflex 16S
Arriflex 16S with bellows matte box

Arriflex 16mm MOS Cameras

Arriflex 16 S and 16 SB
Arriflex 16 M and 16 MB

Arriflex 16SRII
Arriflex 16SRII with Zeiss 10-100mm T2.0

Arriflex 16mm Silent Cameras

Arriflex 16 BL
Arriflex 16 SR I and 16 SR I HS
Arriflex 16 SR II and 16 SR II HS

Arriflex 16SR3
Arriflex 16SR3 with Zeiss 11-110mm T2.2

Arriflex Super-16mm Silent “Studio” Cameras

Arriflex Super-16 SR I
Arriflex Super-16 SR I HS
Arriflex Super-16 SR II
Arriflex Super-16 SR II HS
Arriflex 16 SR 3 and 16 SR 3 Advanced
Super-16 Conversion of Arriflex 16SR1 and 16SR2
NEW! ARRI 416 Super 16mm

Arriflex 35IIB
Arriflex 35IIB with 200′ film magazine and handgrip motor

Arriflex 35mm MOS Cameras

Arriflex 35 II and 35 IIA
Arriflex 35 IIB, IIBV
Arriflex 35 IIC, IICB, IICV/B, IICHS/B
Arriflex 35 IICT and IICT/B (2-perf Techniscope)
Arriflex 35 IIC 3-perf Conversion
Arriflex 35 IIC Medical Camera
Arriflex 35IIIC

Arriflex 35 III Mk. I Arriflex 35 III Mk. II Arriflex 35 III Mk. III
Arriflex 235
Arriflex 435

Stanley Kubrick on the set of The Shining with an Arriflex 35BL-3

Arriflex 35mm Silent Studio Cameras

Arriflex 35BL-I
Arriflex 35 BL-II
Arriflex 35 BL-III
Arriflex 35 BL-IV
Arriflex 35 BL-IVs
Arriflex 35 BL Evolution (P+S Technik)

Arriflex 535(A), 535B
ARRI Arricam Studio, Arricam Lite

Logmar Super 16mm Cameras

Rockhopper Super 16

Bolex 16mm and Super-16mm Cameras

Bolex H-16 Series
Bolex Super-16

Cinema Products 16mm and Super-16mm, and 35mm Cameras

Cinema Products CP-16 and CP-16R
Cinema Products FX-35

Eclair 16mm and Super-16mm Cameras

Eclair NPR
Eclair ACL and ACL II


Moviecam Cameras

Moviecam Superamerica

Moviecam Compact

Moviecam SL

65mm MOS and Studio Cameras

Arriflex 765
Logmar Magellan

Super 8mm Cameras

Important Resources for Film Camera Owners and Operators

Super-16 Information
Zeiss Lenses

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