CinemaTechnic Year-End Blow-Out Sale

Blow-Out Sale

Prices are good while supplies last (which won’t be long). Some items are already sold out.  Keep an eye on this space as I will be adding more items.

ARRI Standard / Bayonet to PL Adapters SOLD OUT
More Blow-Out Items:

ARRI 16SR Super 16 Bayonet Mount Kit SOLD

LWS 15mm (mini-rods) for ARRI 16SR 1/2/3 and ARRI 35-3 (very limited supply)

ARRI 16SR Super-16 Gates (EDM modified) – INQUIRE

ARRI 16SR Spare Parts – many available – INQUIRE

ARRI 35IIB / 35IIC Spare Parts – many available – INQUIRE (NO not any 2-perf parts)

ARRI Original 15mm Carbon Fiber Rods 240mm length $124.-

ARRI 35-3 Ground Glass $135.-

ARRI 35-3 BAYONET Mount $175-

ARRI 35-3 Stainless Steel PL Mount (one piece, no lock ring, can be converted to S35 format) $84.-

Chrosziel Fluidzoom – overhauled – $185.- ea.

ARRI 16SR Magazine Throat Covers $39.- ea

Arriflex 16St Parts Kit grab-bag: $89.-

email cinematechnic@mac_com

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