Lens Testing Mounts

Lens Testing Mounts for Collimators and Lens Test Projectors

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CinemaTechnic manufactures new Lens Testing Mounts for Collimators and Lens Test Projectors. We also have a limited supply of original Richter Cine lens testing mounts.

We offer two kinds of mounts: Richter Cine Standard and IMS (Interchangeable Mount System)

Richter Cine Standard

Richter Cine Standard lens testing mounts are made to fit Richter Cine components. These use a large diameter fine pitch thread and screw onto the M-2 Focal Plane Micrometer, S-2 Focal Plane Microscope or the Richter Lens Test Projector.

These mounts sit at a Flange Focal Depth (FFD) of zero, meaning the back flange of the mount sits right at the nominal image plane.

Original Richter Cine Lens Standards are of a one-piece design, made exclusively from aluminum, and cannot be adjusted for wear. The rear flange surface is not anodized and is subject to wear and galling.

Richter Standards use a threaded insert that is held with 3 set screws. This allows for adjustment of the stopping position. These inserts tend to wear and the set screws come loose, requiring re-checking of zero and sometimes “re-clocking” of the mount’s rotational position.

CinemaTechnic Lens Testing Mounts for Richter Cine

Our mounts are of a 2 or 3 piece design. This allows for adjustment of the mount to precisely calibrate its depth, and to adjust for wear. The rear thread and flange are one piece so they will always sit in the same position and never come loose. Rotational clocking adjustment can be made changing the position of the front part of the mount using the screws on the bezel.

CinemaTechnic Richter Mounts are usually built when preparing a complete collimator system, allowing for setting the clock position precisely to the individual M-2 FPM.

ARRI PL and Canon EF mounts are currently offered in Richter Standard. We can make almost any mount on a custom order basis.

IMS Mounts

Interchangeable Mount System (IMS) mounts are an industry-standard type of interchangeable sub-mount developed by P+S Technik. IMS Mounts have a FFD of 19mm. IMS Mounts have become a standard for lens testing equipment, used on the P+S Technik Lens Checker test projector, and Gecko-Cam Lens Projector.

IMS Mounts look very similar to ARRI PL but have a smaller and shorter pilot cylinder to avoid mis-matches. They install and remove just like PL mounts and do so with a FFD accuracy of +/- 0.01mm.

The only real drawback of IMS Mount is that the FFD of 19mm does not allow mounts to be created for Sony E, Fuji X or MFT Mount. However, with a CinemaTechnic upgraded Richter M-2 with IMS Adapter, you can simply unscrew the IMS adapter to fit the other mounts. When you are done you can screw the IMS Adapter back in. It will stop in the exact same position as before and should be within 0.01mm FFD (although we recommend re-calibrating each time the IMS Adapter is removed)

We currently offer ARRI PL and Canon EF IMS Mounts.

We also have BNCR and Nikon F IMS mounts (only one of each is available).

We have made, on a custom basis, the following IMS Mounts: Contax Y, Canon FD, Nikon F, Olympus. The limitation is that the mount’s FFD must be at least 22mm.

Production of lens testing mounts is limited. It takes a substantial amount of time to individually calibrate each mount. Mounts are made on a pre-order basis.

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