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The Making of An Independent MovieSOUTHERN JUSTICE

By Michael D. Selig


He’s the proverbial Gorilla who thought he could run the circus.

His story is not supposed to work. He never went to film school. He was told he needed money. More than he could dream of.

When he put a bunch of yahoos together to make his first feature, everybody laughed at his prospects, but his group of hacks believed.

Three long years later,  M.D. Selig’s first feature film, SOUTHERN JUSTICE will air on SHOWTIME as well as being released on AMAZON.COM and in video chains across the nation. NETFLIX is also on board as well as HOLLYWOOD VIDEO, HASTINGS, etc.


Michael David Selig (aka M.D. Selig) is from Hot Springs, Arkansas.

That’s where he shot Southern Justice.

Through Internet discussions of his wild script (Set in a topless bar), Selig convinced a bunch of ACTORS and CREW to get themselves (He had no cash) to Arkansas.  They came from LA, New York, Miami and as far north as Chicago. (None of them knew him)  and stayed for a month.

He housed the actors and crew with friends in Hot Springs. In their extra bedrooms and porches. (His mother Helen is the former two-term Mayor.) She knew everyone and their dogs.

In the SWELTERING 96 degree summer of 2002, Selig had a cast and crew of thirty-or-so VOLUNTEER FILM MAKERS helping him shoot on Super 16 film. FILM, mind you. The Gorilla was taking a big chance.

With the help of 10 CREDIT CARD companies who were happy to loan him cash at interest rates bordering on unlawful, Selig pressed ahead with purchasing 15 hours of film stock from KODAK. (On a student filmmaker-rate)

His award winning Director of Photography, JORGE DIAZ-AMADOR, from MIAMI agreed to bring a couple of hot-rodded older Super-16 cameras up to Hot Springs “Just to see this thing happen.”

Through Joe Glass and the ARKANSAS FILM COMMISION, Selig was able to secure free locations all around Hot Springs to include Topless bars, the County Jail, Cop Cars, Police volunteers, A real BIKER GANG, and a truckload full of REAL GUNS, RIFLES and various SURVIVALIST weapons.  Some of which MISTAKENLY still had LIVE AMMO loaded in the cartridges.

(This is Arkansas, remember?)  You never know when a 10-point-buck is going to stroll down through your lake-house lawn to get a drink.

For the entire month of September 2002, as well as coming back for a week-long re-shoot in September of 2003, the faithful kept coming and believing and WORKING.

Did we mention that M.D.Selig was not only the WRITER /DIRECTOR /PRODUCER  but also played the LEAD ROLE alongside Co-Star Michael Childers of THE X-FILES series (Emmy nominee)?

Shooting complete, Selig went back to Venice, California where he spent the next year doing odd jobs (to pay his 840 dollar a month film loan) and editing the footage together at home on his Mac computer.

Once complete he sent A TRAILER (view it at to Entertainment Attorney Mark Litwak  ( who immediately called back to see the whole feature.

Selig sent it in.  And waited.

Before the next moon rose, the Gorilla was stepping out of the jungle and into the streets of Beverly Hills to meet with Litwak and discuss a strategy for shopping the movie to distributors.

On February 21st, 2006, SOUTHERN JUSTICE  was released by THINK FILM ( VELOCITY HOME ENTERTAINMENT and will not only be on their website but in Video Stores everywhere.

Think has subsequently sold the airing rights to SHOWTIME with an airdate of JUNE 2006.

Pre sales are already going well on AMAZON.COM and Selig may have to soon find a tailor to hide his fur and get on an acceptable Hollywood outfit.

It’s a story that wasn’t supposed to work.  But it did. SOUTHERN JUSTICE at it’s best.


Selig’s newest screenplay SUPERHERO about a “Mentally Special” (think Schizophrenic) man who ROBS A BANK to save a YOUNG HOOKER from her troubled life is currently being looked at by 2929 Entertainment.


M.D. Selig’s feature thriller, SOUTHERN JUSTICE  throws ex-military sniper Slim Manning into the gritty underworld of a small southern town where fundamentalist religion moves into the occult.

A murdered dancer at Slim’s club is the catalyst for this hunt of psychotic killers who prey on young girls.

Lensed on Super 16mm, the story weaves the sweltering heat of the deep south through exotic dance clubs, faith healing revivals, ritualistic torture and exorcism.

With his teenage daughters life on the line, Slim must revive more than just sniper skills to keep his world intact.


Michael Childers (The X-files, Six Feet Under), Lee Harris (Streets of San Fransisco) Rico Cymone (NYPD Blue) M.D. Selig (Spy TV)   Kristi Wirz (Another Teen Movie) and Lisa Robert (Scarecrow Gone Wild)


Running time 110 minutes

Release Date: Feb 21, 2006

Rating: R, violence, partial nudity, strong language.

WEBSITES FOR SOUTHERN JUSTICE  (the original title)  Original TRAILER is here.  (new site, being built) (Distributor) Look for Southern Justice under New DVD’s.  (Search for Southern Justice)


M.D. Selig (aka Michael David Selig)  is a graduate of U.C.L.A.’s  top cinematography program.  (Completed after the initial shoot of Southern Justice)

Initially earning a B.A. in History from the University of Arkansas, Selig did a stint as a Jet Attack pilot for the US Marines, flying A-6 “Intruders” during Operation Desert Storm.

Selig moved from flying into the film industry in 1993 and in 1999, won “Best New Music Video” for “ZENA AND ELECTRA” which aired on Big Noise Videos (The alternative MTV)

Selig is currently on a speaking/signing tour on his 1982 Honda Goldwing motorcycle.  He lives in Venice, California and can be contacted at]

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