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CinemaTechnic is a micro-business specializing in motion picture optics for professional cinematography, providing service, optical testing equipment, mechanical design, consulting and rapid prototyping

Company founder and master technician Jorge Diaz-Amador has 20 years experience in cinematography equipment service, including over 10 years as a Carl Zeiss authorized technician and 6 years as a Carl Zeiss Authorized Service Partner technician (level 4). This is the highest level of lens service certification available for anyone not working at the Carl Zeiss factory in Oberkochen, Germany.

He also holds service certifications from Thales-Angenieux, Canon USA (for CN-E lenses) and Cooke Optics.

Additional lenses supported include: Bausch & Lomb Super Baltar, Canon K-35, Leica Summilux-C and Summicron-C, Schneider Cine-Xenar and Xenon FF and Xeen.

Additional services offered include: Cine lens testing, cine lens design consulting services, lens test equipment design and manufacturing, and rapid prototyping for imaging and vision systems.

Celluloid is still loved here, and service for ARRI film cameras is still offered. Labor rates for film camera service are the same as for cine lens service.

A telephone number is not listed on this website. Staff for answering phones is a luxury that a micro-business can ill afford. If you want to get in touch please e-mail first.

The reason is that I am ALWAYS very busy in the shop or design office and have little time to answer the phone during the day. I regret the inconvenience but the if I'm constantly getting interrupted with calls, I can't be getting work done for my clients in an efficient manner. And everyone needs to get their equipment back as soon as possible.

It is much more effective to e-mail rather than calling (and going straight to voicemail), and you will get a quicker response. E-mail is also better because I get your contact information, what it is your are looking for, and I can give you a more considered reply. Of course I can call you if you wish, just include your number in your e-mail.

please contact me at:

Please type the address above into your e-mail, it is not clickable to defeat the spam-bots



P.O. Box 42
Burbank, CA 91503-0042


IMPORTANT: Spam (junk e-mail) has become the scourge of the internet. That's why I don't have a clickable e-mail link on this site. If I did that the spam-bots would get my e-mail and I'd be buried in junk mail making it that much harder to see the real inquires from my clients.

Please make sure your e-mail does not resemble spam. Make sure you describe what you are looking for in the subject line. If your subject line is blank or is a very simple one word subject like "inquiry", "Question", it will likely be mistaken for spam. Please include your name and location with all e-mail inquiries. Anonymous inquiries will NOT be answered.

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