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I am currently working on custom conversion from BNCR to PL mount for Technovision style BNCR rehoused lenses and Canon K-35 Aspheric BNCR mount lenses.


CinemaTechnic specializes in motion picture camera technology support for professional cinematographers. We offer service, upgrades, modifications and sales of professional motion picture equipment. Our main focus is on film based (analog) technology, still the dominant and superior quality imaging technology.
But we are also involved with the emerging world of Digital Cinema NOT video, but superior quality digital motion imaging, RED ONE, Si-2k,not based on any broadcast standard.

CinemaTechnic offers factory trained service for ARRI cameras, Cooke optics (up to S4 / S4i / S4K primes), and Zeiss optics (T2.1 Standards, T1.3 Super Speeds and T1.9 Ultra Primes). We specialize in providing expert support for the S16mm format, including camera and lens conversions.

CinemaTechnic specializes in the Super 16mm format. We were way ahead of the curve on the Super 16 (S16) resurgence, promoting the format since 1998. Our founder, Jorge Diaz-Amador, is a recognized expert in the S16 format, and has led S16 format seminars for Eastman Kodak Entertainment Imaging and participated as a speaker in CineGear Expo's Super 16mm Master Class led by Jon Fauer, ASC.
Now that there is so much interest in the S16mm format, make sure you talk to the the people with real experience.

We are now extending our focus to encompass professional digital cinema imaging. We define this as true High Definition (720p / 1080p / 2K / 4K) formats (ARRI D-20, Dalsa, RED ONE etc). We strongly feel that anything less than uncompressed 1080p (HDCAM-SR) does not provide enough image quality for cinema presentation, and anything less than 720p with minimal compression (VariCam, HVX-200 recording to P2) is unsuitable for television viewing. 2K and especially 4K (like the RED One) with advanced wavelet compression hold the promise for digital cinema capture without compromise in image quality.

We do not deal with consumer / hobbyist formats such as DV or HDV. Interlaced Mini DV is quickly being left behind as an inferior format, which we always believed it was, having image quality that is barely sufficient for 480i NTSC television.
We NEVER supported Interlaced DV, refusing to participate in the exploitation of inexperienced filmmakers by selling them an inferior product.
HDV appears to be aimed at consumers with excessive compression and motion artifacts. The interlaced scanning (on some cameras) and extreme compression artifacts of HDV make it unsuitable for professional work. However, the new cameras recording with minimal compression to solid state media (P2 cards) seem to hold some promise.




CinemaTechnic is proud to offer in house service by Jorge Diaz-Amador, factory trained by both Cooke Optics and Carl Zeiss. We can service most Cooke/Zeiss cinematography lenses.

Cooke lenses serviced include the S4, S4i and S4K prime lenses, the older Series 2 and Series 3 primes. Zoom lenses serviced are the 5:1/5.5:1 (20-100mm/18-100mm) Mk. II / Mk. III and the 10:1 (25-250mm) Mk. II / Mk. III, as well as the 5:1 9-50mm (16mm) and 10.4-52mm (S16mm).

Zeiss lenses serviced include the Standard Speed (T2.1, std / Bayo. / PL), Super Speed (T1.3, Mk. I / II / III) and Ultra Prime lenses, as well as the Vario-Sonnar 16mm/S16mm zooms. We can also arrange service at the Carl Zeiss factory in Oberkochen, Germany for lens types that require factory service (such as the Variable Primes).

We have a fully equipped workshop with a Möeller-Wedel Autocollimator, a Century Precision Lens Test Projector, laminar flow clean-air booth and Cooke Optics / Carl Zeiss service tools. The most common replacement parts are kept in stock. Other needed spares can be quickly dispatched from the manufacturer.

We do not list a telephone number on this website. We simply do not have staff dedicated to answering phones. Rather than go through many voice mail messages, we ask that all new or potential customers contact us via e-mail first.

The reason for this is that we are ALWAYS very busy in the shop and don't answer the phone during the day. It is much more effective to e-mail us rather than calling, and you will get through QUICKER. E-mail is also better because we get your contact information, what it is your are looking for, and we can give you a more considered reply.

IMPORTANT: We are getting a LOT of spam (junk e-mail). Please make sure your e-mail does not resemble spam. Make sure you describe what you are looking for in the subject line. If your subject line is blank or is a very simple one word subject like "inquiry", "Question", our software will mistake it for spam and you won't get an answer. Please include your name and location with all e-mail inquiries. Anonymous inquiries will NOT be answered.


We do not comment on or answer questions about eBay auction items unless CinemaTehnic is the seller.

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