ARRI 35IIC Service and Upgrades

Arriflex 35IIC Service and Upgrades

Arriflex 35IIC Camera Service

CinemaTechnic is one of the few facilities in the world still offering service for the Arriflex 35II series cameras. Labor rate is $150.- per hour with a 1.5 hour minimum.

Hard-Front PL Mount:
Probably the best thing you can do for your IIC is to convert the camera to a PL mount “Hard Front”. This replaces the rotating lens turret with a fixed PL mount allowing the use of modern 35mm lenses. We offer P+S Techik’s conversion, seen above, for standard 35IIC cameras.

P+S Technik PL mount conversion for Arri 35IIC *NO LONGER AVAILABLE*

P+S Technik Nikon F mount conversion for Arri 35IIC *NO LONGER AVAILABLE*

Painting of 35IIC at P+S Technik (black or gray) *NO LONGER AVAILABLE*

We also offer a custom PL conversion for the 35 II Medical Cameras, which we perform at our facility.

CinemaTechnic PL Mount conversion for ARRI 35IIC Medical X-Ray Camera $2,000.00 US

CinemaTechnic Nikon F Mount conversion for ARRI 35IIC Medical X-Ray Camera *NO LONGER AVAILABLE*


Crystal Flat-Base Motor: There are many upgrades available for the 35 II. The most popular is to replace the handgrip motor, which is really only practical for hand-held use, with a modern crystal controlled motor that makes the 35 II a flat base camera. We currently offer the Cinematography Electronics IIC Crystal Base.

Cinematography Electronics 35IIC Crystal Motor Base *NO LONGER AVAILABLE*

3-Perf Film Movement: P+S Technik also offers a 3-perf conversion for the 35-II. This will allow you to shoot 35mm with a savings of 25% on film stock and processing costs. The native aspect ratio of this format is 1.78:1 which is a perfect fit for HDTV transfer. Many television shows have converted to 35mm 3-perf for these advantages, and it is a perfect way for independent filmmakers to reduce the cost of shooting 35mm, and protect themselves for the HDTV future. This conversion is available now for $4000.00 *NO LONGER AVAILABLE*

Arriflex 35IIC Instruction Manual $25.00

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