ARRI 35IIC Service and Upgrades

Arriflex 35-III Service and Upgrades

NOTE: These products and services are no longer available, with the exception of the Super 35 conversion – for which we have only one set of parts remaining. This page is being maintained as a reference.

We currently offer for the 35-3:

Super 35 Conversion.
Consists of Super 35 format ground glass holder and ground glass. Optional Super 35 PL mount with DIN centering for improved shutter clearance. Optional full aperture gate, or conversion of your existing gate through EDM machining to full aperture.

The following items are no longer available:

3-Perf Pull-Down Conversion (by P+S Technik)
This new format is getting increasingly popular. It saves you 25% on film and processing while still retaining the advantages of the Super 35mm format. There is ZERO quality loss when shooting 3-perf for either 1.85:1 or 2.40:1 theatrical release prints. Your original negative size will be the same as if you were shooting 4-perf. You just wont be paying for wasted film that will never form part of your image.

15º-180º Variable Shutter Conversion (by P+S Technik)
This upgrade gives you the capabilites of the third generation 35-3. No most lost rentals because you don’t have the variable shutter.





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