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The ARRI 35-IIC Röntgen, also known as the ARRI 35-IIC Medical or X-Ray camera, was a modified version of the ARRI 35II that was made for Cineradiology. These cameras would be mounted on a device that allowed motion capture of X-Ray images. ARRI sold the cameras directly to the X-Ray equipment manufacturers who integrated the cameras into their devices. For this reason the camera bodies do not bear ARRI or Arriflex enrgaving.

Arriflex 35IIB Röntgen
Arriflex 35IIB Röntgen camera

The earliest Arriflex 35II Röntgen cameras were based on the Arriflex 35IIB and have the viewfinder door and lens turret.  They were painted gray to match the X-ray manufacturer’s equipment.

ARRI 35IIC Röntgen
ARRI 35IIC Röntgen camera with 60m [200 ft] film magazine
The later 35IIC Röntgen Camera uses the same film transport as the Arriflex 35IIC-HS and 35IIIC. The main body casting is similar in form to the 35IIIC.

ARRI 35IIC Röntgen rear view
ARRI 35IIC Röntgen rear view showing bloop light connector and Rö-HS motor connector

The cameras have a single ARRI Standard lens port, which is mounted on a detachable plate held by four screws. There is no lens turret as with the ARRI 35-IIC.

The Röntgen Camera uses the same shutter, gate, magazines and motors as the 35IIC / 35IIIC. Normally the Röntgen mirror shutters are painted flat black on the front surface. The black paint can be removed revealing the mirrored surface on the shutter, which is usually in perfect condition as the black paint has protected it.

The 35IIC Röntgen Cameras do not have a ground glass or ground glass holder, and they do not have a viewing system.

Conversion of the ARRI 35IIC Röntgen to a Cinematography Camera
ARRI 35IIC Röntgen modified by CinemaTechnic
ARRI 35IIC Röntgen upgraded by CinemaTechnic with 35-3 ground glass holder

Fortunately, conversion of the Röntgen Camera to a cinematography camera is relatively straight forward. With minor modifications to the main body and gate, the ARRI 35-3 ground glass holder can be fitted. With the black paint removed from the mirror shutter, you have a functional reflex viewing system.

ARRI 35IIC Röntgen modified by CinemaTechnic
ARRI 35IIC Röntgen by CinemaTechnic. Lens port is modified to Academy centering and outboard lens levers.
ARRI 35IIC Röntgen lens port CinemaTechnic
ARRI 35IIC Röntgen ARRI Standald lens port modified by CinemaTechnic. Port is centered for Academy 35mm.

The SL Cine, Steve’s Cine Service and Doggicam compact lightweight 35mm MOS cameras were based on the 35IIC Röntgen.

In order to complete the optical viewing system, a mirror needs to be fitted above the ground glass holder to relay the image to a viewfinder door. Standard ARRI 35IIC viewfinder doors will fit the body casting.

A better option is fitting the original hinged door with a optical relay system and HD video assist. Today a small HD (1080P) or 4k C-mount camera can be fitted that can provide as good or better a viewfinder image than the optical viewfinder can.

The 35II Röntgen Camera was eventually replaced by the ARRITECHNO, a industrial instrumentation camera that is completely unsuitable for conversion to a cine camera OR use as a film scanner transport.

A great advantage of the 35-IIC Röntgen Cameras  over regular 35IIC’s is that the bodies are typically well cared for. They were used in clean medical lab environments and maintained by ARRI technicians.

On rare occasion N.O.S. (New Old Stock) camera bodies can be found.  We purchased the last new Röntgen cameras from direct from ARRI in the early 2000s.

ARRI 35IIC Röntgen as a Film Scanner Transport

The ARRI 35IIC Röntgen is uniquely suited for use as a film scanner transport:

  • The very compact body has a precision film transport and film gate.
  • The pressure plate uniquely has an easily removable black plate allowing conversion for illuminating the film from the base side.
  • There is plenty of space behind the gate inside the film loop for the illumination system.
  • For a film scanner application the camera body does not need to have a mirror shutter.
  • There is an easily accessible 1:1 shaft for driving the film movement using a motor.
  • ARRI 200 ft, 400 ft and 1000 ft magazines can be fitted and used to hold the film while scanning.

There has been a great upsurge in interest in the 35II Röntgen beginning in late 2002.

If you are interested in one of these cameras please get in touch ASAP using the email below. We have already sold out half of our New Old Stock ARRI 35 Röntgen bodies.

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