LPL Mount for Richter Cine Collimators

Image of prototype LPL Mount for Richter Cine

ARRI compatible LPL Mount for Richter Cine. Mounts directly to Richter M-2 and S-2. One time limited production run. Get in touch if you want one. Pre-orders open soon.

High precision mounts, CNC machined, hand fitted and individually calibrated to 44.00mm +/- 0.005.

Stainless steel LPL flange and ring. Rotation adjustment in 11º increments. Shim adjustment for precise back focus calibration. Richter thread and flange are one piece so they never come loose.

These can be used as your “base” mount on Richter M-2, and you can quickly and accurately switch to PL using a PL-to-LPL adapter.

You can also quickly unscrew it to use other mounts on your M-2 that are shorter than 44mm FFD, or any existing Richter test mounts you may have without loss of accuracy.

Richter Cine Lens Test Projector compatibility by special order only.

Opening of the pre-order window and pricing will be announced here.

Email now to get on the list: