New CinemaTechnic Workshop – Phase 1 Completed

New CinemaTechnic Machine Shop and Prototyping Workshop February 2017.

As it always goes with remodeling, it took far longer than planned. But the first of my new workshop rooms was finally completed the last week of February.

The photo above was taken just after the completion of painting. It seemed so big before I put all my machines and workbenches in there.

This room will eventually be the Machine Shop and Prototyping Workshop. But for now I will be doing all my work out of this room. That will allow me to take my time to complete the Clean Room. I don’t want to rush that project.

Almost as if on cue the first jobs arrived just as I was getting the last of the tools into the room. I’m looking forward to a very busy March. A lot of long delayed projects will be getting the green lighted.

CinemaTechnic’s new workshop is located inside the new Hot Rod Cameras building in Burbank at 722 N. Mariposa St. I hope to see you there soon…