April 2017 Service Update

CinemaTechnic Clean Room
CinemaTechnic’s lens repair clean room

Effective May 1, 2017 CinemaTechnic’s labor rate for Cine Lens and Motion Picture Film Camera repairs will be $150.- per hour.

Jobs currently in-progress and jobs estimated before May 1 will be billed at the previous rate of $125.- per hour.

The minimum labor charge will be 1 hour for professional Cine Lens inspection/repair. This covers inspection and written estimate for up to 5 prime lenses or up to 2 zoom lenses. This “estimate fee” is charged as a minimum fee if the repair work is not approved, and waived if the work is approved.

A non-binding verbal estimate based on a quick (10 minute) visual inspection is still available at no charge for supported professional Cine Lenses only:

Angenieux, ARRI, Canon CN-E, Cooke Optics,  Fujinon (cine lenses only), Leica (CW Sonderoptic), Lomo (Lumatech) Schneider, Sigma and Zeiss

Limited support is available for the following lenses:

Vintage Angenieux (pre-Optimo), Canon K35, Vintage Cooke (pre 1998)

Except for limited service for Leica-R lenses, we do not service still photo lenses or any autofocus lenses.

For ARRI and Moviecam Motion Picture Film Camera inspection/repair, the minimum charge is 1.5 hours labor for camera bodies. This covers inspection and checking the camera’s calibration settings. In many cases calibration adjustments such as Flange Focal Distance can be accomplished during the initial 1.5 hours.

The minimum charge for Film Cameras will be reduced to 1 hour for any subsequent service for the same camera body within two years of the initial service.

Inspection and adjustment/service of film magazines is at an extra charge depending on the number of magazines in the camera package.

Customers are advised to keep in mind that ARRI no longer supports film cameras (Moviecam merged with ARRI), so if parts are needed delays will be inevitable and costs cannot be estimated in advance.

The following motion picture film camera models are supported:

ARRI Arriflex:
16SR, 16SR-HS, 16SRII, 16SRII-E, 16SRII-HS, 16SR3, 16SR3-HS, 16SR3 Advanced / HS
35II-C, 35III-C, 35III, 435, 435 Advanced

Compact, Compact Mk. II, SL

Limited support: Arriflex 35BL-3, 35BL-4, 35BL-4s, 535, 535B

The following models are not supported: Aaton (any), Arriflex 16S, 16M, 16BL, ARRITECHNO, Bolex (any), CP (we can refer you to a CP tech), Mitchell