ARRI and Moviecam Film Camera Service and Used Camera Accessories


I’ve been hearing from a lot of motion picture film camera owners about the difficulty in finding service and maintenance support. I can still provide service for the following film cameras:

  • Arriflex 16SR 1-2-3 including HS and Advanced versions
  • Arriflex 35IIC / 35IIIC
  • Arriflex 35III Mk. I and Mk. II
  • Moviecam Compact
  • Moviceam SL

I have all the proper tools, supplies (lubricants, etc.) and service documentation for the above camera models.

Labor rate for film camera service is the same as for cine lens service $125.- per hour. There is a 1.5 hour minimum for the first time inspection/test and estimate on a particular ARRI/Moviecam film camera. The minimum is waived if the same camera returns for follow-up service.

Spare parts availability is very limited.  New spare parts are not available from the manufacturer for any of the cameras listed above. If parts are needed for repair, I will utilize my resources to find the needed parts. A research fee may be charged for time spent sourcing parts. Owners should expect delays in service. For this reason it is very important to schedule service well ahead of any potential shoot dates.

I have also been hearing about the difficulty in finding ARRI film camera accessories. Many new owners purchased their camera packages on auction sites and are missing important accessories. Although the cameras themselves are not difficult to find on the used market, accessories are another matter. Availability is limited and prices have started to go up for the first time in several years.

I have updated my film camera accessories page to reflect what I have available.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch for your film camera needs.