Bring your richter collimator into the 21st century

CinemaTechnic M-2 Digital Focal Plane Micrometer with IMS Adapter and ARRI PL Mount

CinemaTechnic continues to introduce new upgrades that bring the vintage Richter Cine collimator system up to todays standards of accuracy, and improve ease of use. Our upgraded Richter systems can compete with collimator systems costing up to $38,000.- at a fraction of that cost.

Our new R-2 Digital HD Video Output conversion for the Richter R-2 Collimator Block is just out of prototype stage and the first system has been delivered.

R-2 Collimator Block with Video Relay and HD camera, example of actual HD video image

This compact system uses high resolution optics to relay the collimator image to a compact single sensor HD camera. Image quality is excellent, far superior than the original shop-made eyepiece. We are currently accepting reservations for this upgrade. Production will be limited.

Richter Collimator 1080P HD
CinemaTechnic Richter R-2 Collimator 1080P video output

Our system is compatible with cameras up to 2/3″ sensor cameras. With an inexpensive and compact 1/2.5″ sensor camera, you can get a 1080P output of the collimator image that fills the screen top-bottom.

The photo above shows the collimator image on a small monitor. The image was captured at 8.7x magnification (a high resolution 15mm prime lens tested with a 130mm collimator objective). It shows a typical image quality of the collimator output when testing a very sharp lens.

Our M-2 Digital Micrometer upgrade for the Richter M-2 Focal Plane Micrometer is also available. The M-2 Digital is a highly recommended upgrade that improves both accuracy and ease of use. Several of these upgrades have been delivered since we introduced it in January 2019.

Our IMS Richter Adapter upgrade allows the use of industry standard IMS (Interchangeable Mount System) lens mounts. This allows quick mount swaps without having to individually calibrate flange focal distance for each mount.

Since our system threads on to the Richter M-2, it is possible to remove it when you need to test a mount that has an FFD too short for IMS (such as Sony E), then quickly re-install the IMS Richter Adapter.

First deliveries of our new Flange Focal Depth Gage kit are about to be made.

Future planned upgrades:

  • “On Board” LED Illuminator (variable intensity)
  • New collimator objectives
  • Internal upgrades for the R-2 Collimator Block
  • All New Collimator Bench

Please get in touch via email for availability and pricing for these items:

All CinemaTechnic products are Made in USA using components sourced from suppliers in US, EU, Japan and S. Korea. We expect that our products will continue to be available despite the current pandemic.

At the moment, we are still operating as usual. You can check here for updates.

Updated 03-18-2020