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Autumn 2023 update

In early 2022 I made a career pivot. I moved to the San Fransisco Bay Area to join a large company. I worked with computer vision systems supporting manufacturing engineering.

In 2023 Q4 I joined a startup that is developing a revolutionary new display technology. What was once only seen in science fiction films will become a reality.

As we approach winter 2023/2024 I want to give an update of the status of CinemaTechnic and various products / services:

Since I only have limited part-time to devote to CinemaTechnic, the only product line that I will continue is the Lens Testing Equipment. I will still offer upgrades and calibration for Richter Cine collimators, with some changes to product / service availability. Please see my Richter Cine page for details.

Beginning in 2024 I will no longer offer reconditioned or calibration services from Richter Cine systems purchased from third parties (meaning you did not buy it from CinemaTechnic). Reconditioned systems will be offered for sale and Richter Cine items accepted as cores.

If you purchased a Richter Cine collimator system from CinemaTechnic or had me calibrate or refurbish your system, I will continue to support you.

Film camera service and cine lens service is suspended for the foreseeable future. I have a complete set of special tools and documentation for servicing ARRI and Moviecam film cameras, as well as professional Cine lenses, but not the space or the time to do the work. If you are interested in purchasing a set of original ARRI film camera service tools please get in touch.

I also have a Super 16 conversion process I developed for the Arriflex 16SR. All the special tools and jigs and some conversion parts remain. If you are interested in purchasing the process and doing your own conversion, please get in touch.

The success of Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer and HBO’s Winning Time show that there is still a place for film even as digital capture has matured.

The industry is also changing and there is potential for decentralization. This could bring about a creative renaissance like the one that followed the collapse of the studio system in the late 1960’s.

-Jorge Diaz-Amador
Walnut Creek, CA
19 November 2023

Contact me here:

february 2022 update

A view of the Saco Falls on a misty Southern Maine evening. This was the view from the North end of the building where the CinemaTechnic workshop was located in the Pepperell Mill Campus

We’re back! You may have noticed this site seemed to disappear for a while. This was a result of incorrect DNS settings. Regrettably this happened during an extremely busy time for me and I was not able to correct the problem until recently.

There was also a problem with some malicious code that got introduced somewhere on our server. This re-directed links from popular search engines. This issue has also been resolved.

At the end of November 2021 CinemaTechnic relocated out of the Pepperell Mill Campus in Biddeford, Maine. The campus been sold to an investment group.

Please note that at the moment CinemaTechnic is an online-only remote-only business. We currently have no brick-and-mortar presence. Our old addresses: Biddeford, ME 04005, Burbank, CA 91506 and Los Angeles (Hollywood), CA 90028 are no longer valid. Many search engines are still showing the old addresses.

At this time I am not accepting cine lens or camera service jobs. Consulting and Cine Lens Service Training are still available.

I am in talks regarding some exciting new opportunities, which I cannot disclose at this time.

You can still contact me via the email address listed below.

-Jorge Diaz-Amador
Chicago, IL
February 3, 2020