Super 16 / 2k Digital Conversion of Zeiss 10-100 T2

Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 12-120 T2.4 Mark I Super 16

Update 11 July 2020

SUPER-16 CONVERSION FOR LENSES IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. This page is being maintained as a resource.

CinemaTechnic is pleased to announce the limited availability of Super 16 / 2k Digital Cine conversion for the Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 1.8/10-100mm T2 and Cooke 9-50mm T2.5 We have found a source for a few new old stock conversion kits. These kits were thought to be unavailable since the late 2005 demise of Optex.

The Problem

Zeiss designed the f1.8 Vario-Sonnar 10:1 zoom for regular 16mm. These lenses were produced beginning in the early 1980’s.  That was many years before the Super 16 format became popular. This lens, produced in substantial numbers as a companion to the Arriflex 16SRII, won’t cover Super 16 or 2k digital.

The Solution

In order to cover Super 16 and 2k digital cine formats, the minimum image circle has to be increased by 20%. This can only be done with additional optics, which are positioned just behind the lens’ original rear element. These new optics follow the Barlow lens principle and increase the image circle diameter by 20%.

The lens above was converted with one of these new kits. The conversion optics are nicely integrated into the included PL mount.  This is a great value. PL mount option for the original Optex kits was $650.- just for the mount!

Your lens will receive a new group of high-quality multi-coated optics that will get mounted just behind the original rear relay optics. You can see the housing for these optics integrated in the black cone of the PL mount.

The conversion optics are made by a world-class  company specializing in optics for scientific research an industry. They are the original designers for the Optex Super 16 conversion kits. They also designed Optex’s renowned line of Super 16 prime lenses. You can be assured that your lens will be converted without compromise, maintaining the original optical quality the Zeiss Vario-Sonnar zoom is known for.

After conversion, the lens becomes a 12-120mm T2.4 and covers Super 16 at all focal lengths and focus distances greater than 5 feet. The increased coverage is important for 2k shooters as it ensures coverage of all 2k windowed modes on Super 35 sized sensors. Also sensors such as the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera which has a sensor slightly larger than Super 16  film, are covered.

Pricing and availability

Cost for the conversion is (discontinued) including PL mount, standard installation and calibration at our facility in Hollywood, CA.

There are only a handful of these new conversion kits remaining. Get yours before they’re all gone… SORRY THEY ARE GONE NOW

NOTE: In response to questions from many 2k digital users: The Zeiss 10-100mm T2 is the only 16mm lens that can currently be converted to Super 16. The conversion for the Cooke 9-50mm T2.5 is no longer available (one of my customers got the last one years ago).

There are no other conversions available now or in the past.

UPDATED 2020-07-11