CinemaTechnic Supporting P+S Technik Optical Products in U.S.


I’m very pleased to be working with P+S Technik again,  supporting their optical products in the U.S.

Hot Rod Cameras is now a full-line P+S Technik dealer, and CinemaTechnic shall provide service for all P+S optical products.

CinemaTechnic’s relationship with P+S Technik  goes all the way back to 2000, when I began sending ARRI film cameras to P+S for the Evolution conversion.

In 2004 after my first lens service training at Carl Zeiss Oberkochen, I took the A8 Autobahn on a rainy night (at 160 kph!) from Ulm to  P+S Technik in Munich, where I was trained on ARRI film camera service by Peter Eckenweber (pictured above right, I’m on the left).

13 years later I am again training with Peter, this time on the P+S lens rehousings for vintage Angenieux, Bausch & Lomb, Canon FD, Canon K35, Cooke Panchro, Kinoptic, Kowa, Leica-R and Schneider.

From this point on, owners of these rehoused lenses will not have to be concerned with needing to send the lenses all the way to Germany for service. CinemaTechnic will provide full factory authorized service in Burbank, CA.

Kowa Cine Prominar 100mm Anamorphic – P+S Technik Evolution Version – new housing and new glass

The P+S rehousings are of the highest quality. P+S provide the only rehousing service for vintage Angenieux primes, Canon FD primes, Kinoptic primes, and most notably the Kowa Anamorphic primes.

P+S’ Kowa Cine Prominar rehousing are the smallest available, maintaining the original lens’ unique compact form factor, very rare in anamorphic lenses.

If you’re unfamiliar with the P+S lens rehousings, you can see them in person at Hot Rod Cameras