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cinematechnic June 2020 UPDATE, SARS CoV-2 covid-19 response

Entrance to North Dam Mill in February – all that snow has long since melted

Updated 29 June 2020

Having got through the unfortunate months of March and April 2020, restrictions are cautiously being lifted in this and other states.

I am working alone for the time being so there is no risk of infection. Until further notice client or vendor visits or accommodate lens service training sessions at the CinemaTechnic workshop cannot be scheduled.

I am answering email and encourage you to get in contact if you have questions (see the bottom of this page for email address). We are also able to send and receive shipments.

We are no longer shipping items internationally using any service other than FedEx or UPS. We will not ship using USPS outside the U.S. due to suspended delivery commitments and greatly delayed shipments. For this reason, eBay listing are limited to U.S. bidders only.

Product Research and Development projects are ongoing at this time. Some other projects I’ve been working on during this time include the CinemaTechnic Collimator Book, to be published later this year. I’ll announce that and other projects on this site and on the CinemaTechnic instagram page when they are ready.

I have also created detailed and illustrated instruction manuals for Cinematechnic products and have made updates to the CinemaTechnic website. This will be the first major website update since early 2016.

Other confidential projects are in progress which cannot be publicly disclosed at this time.

I wish all of my clients and friends in the motion picture industry the best of luck in this difficult time. Our industry is facing an unprecedented challenge, and transformational change will result from it.

I was formerly freelance film crew so I know how difficult it can be, even in “normal” times. I have also been involved in the technical side of the motion picture industry, working with rental houses, equipment sales companies and owner-operators for two decades. I know of the difficulty of competing in this marketplace.

If you want to know the status of CinemaTechnic, just check the homepage. I’ll keep this post up and updated for the duration of the SARS CoV-2 crisis.

-Jorge Diaz Amador
Portland, Maine
29 June, 2020