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CinemaTechnic |  Pre-Owned Super 16mm 2k / 4k / 6k / 8k Cine Lenses

We are again presenting a select offering of high quality pre-owned cine lenses. In most cases these are lenses we have previously serviced  for our repair clients. CinemaTechnic is not an equipment broker – we do not sell lenses we have never seen.

All lenses listed here have been inspected and all needed service has been performed. We are a certified lens service provider for Angenieux, Canon, Cooke and Zeiss cine lenses.

Demand for small format lenses, both for 2k Digital Cine and for Super 16mm film has increased dramatically in the last 18 months. Don’t hesitate any longer or you’ll miss out.

Updated 6 March 2017

Prime Lenses, S35mm / FF35mm 6k – 8k Format

Canon Super-Telephoto Prime Lenses


Canon FD 200mm f2.8  – Century conversion, black finish, ARRI Bayonet mount (PL mount available) $1,950.- (Bayonet) $2,495.- (PL)


Canon FD 300mm f2.8L – Century conversion, fast f2.8 aperture, white finish, PL mount. Classic telephoto lens converted for Cine use. First version to incorporate a Calcium Fluorite crystal element, greatly reducing chromatic aberration. $3,250.- (PL)


Canon EF 300mm f2.8L USM – Optex Conversion, black finish, PL mount. New focus scale, focus and iris gears. Based on new style USM version of lens, also using Fluorite crystal optics.  Considered the best 300mm prime lens ever made for cine use. VERY RARE $5,750.- (PL)


Canon FD 400mm f4.5 – Century conversion, black finish, ARRI Bayonet mount (PL mount available)$2,250 (Bayonet) $2750.- (PL)

All lenses above are private owner lenses and in excellent condition. Prices TBA. For now, please inquire via e-mail.

PL and EF mounts available for Century Precision Optics converted telephoto lenses

Carl Zeiss T* Prime Lenses FF35 6k-8k  (24 x 36mm format)

Carl Zeiss T* ZF Prime Lenses

These lenses are Carl Zeiss’ latest line of high-end manual focus, manual irisSLR optics, introduced to take the place of the discontinued Contax lenses. They are every bit the equal of the Contax line in optical and mechanical quality. The optics from these lenses are also used in the Zeiss CP.2 prime lenses. These lenses are ideal SLR lenses for cinematography.

Zeiss Distagon T* 2/35mm (T2.1) ZF, includes Delrin focus gear and 80mm front + Nikon to Canon EF adapter
MINT condition $1095.- SOLD

Zeiss Planar T* 1.4/50mm (T1.5) ZF, includes Delrin focus gear and 80mm front + Nikon to Canon EF adapter
MINT condition $615.- SOLD

Zeiss Planar T* 1.4/85mm (T1.5) ZF, includes Delrin focus gear and 80mm front + Nikon to Canon EF adapter
MINT condition $1025.- SOLD

The above lenses are owned by a long-time CinemaTechnic customer who keep his equipment in superb condition. Price includes inspection and calibration at CinemaTechnic Hollywood. Above lenses will be certified to meet Carl Zeiss specifications at time of inspection. Preference will be given to the sale of the complete set of 3 lenses.

Prime Lenses, Super 35mm 4k-6k (18.7 x 25mm format)

Zeiss Ultra Primes T1.9, Super 35mm

Currently sold out

Zeiss High Speed / Super Speed T1.3, Super 35mm


HS Set: 18, 25, 35, 50, 85mm T1.3 Mk. II, (version 2.1) with wrap-around focus scales. Overhauled, VG condition -SOLD

Zeiss Standard Primes, T2.1, Super 35mm


Standard Prime Set: 16, 24, 50, 85mm T2.1 Mk. I. Multicoated T* version. Custom PL conversion, custom focus gears and new laser-engraved focus scales. -SOLD – we are making more conversion parts, please inquire if you have a set of these lenses and want the same conversion seen above.

Prime Lenses, Super 16 Format / 2k-3k Digital Cine (7.5 x 12.5 mm format)

Angenieux Prime Lenses

5.9mm T2.0, fixed-focus, S16 converted, in PL mount – Price TBA, please Inquire

Angenieux Zoom Lenses

15-150mm T2.8 – Vintage Angenieux zoom covers Super 16 and 2k digital with room to spare. Dedicated PL mount (not adapter) $1950.-

Canon Zoom Lenses

Super 35 / 4k Format

14.5 – 60mm T2.6 CN-E Zoom

One of the best performing cine zoom lenses available. Good used condition.  Price TBA.

11-165mm T2.5 – 15x Super 16 / 2k zoom



Very hard to find used, limited production – latest version Canon 15x Super 16 zoom lens in PL mount. One of the very few large zoom range (15x) internal focus (no breathing) S16/2k lenses. The only other one is the Canon 12x (11.5-138mm) that preceded this lens.

Original price $19k+. Excellent high-resolution all-around lens for 2k mode shooting  $5995.-

Zeiss Zoom Lenses

Vario-Sonnar 11-110mm T2.2 Mk. 3


Original Super 16 version of the Zeiss 10:1 zoom. Lens on offer is the latest Mark 3 version with new geared focus/zoom/iris scales (focus scale in feet only).  Not a converted lens – Mark 3 11-110mm are very rare – don’t hesitate $5450.-

Cooke Prime Lenses

SK4 Prime Lenses

High-end ultra-modern S16 cine primes introduced in 2005, designed to complement the Cooke S4 35mm format primes for S16 shooting by filling in the wide angle side of the set. Uses same cam follower mechanical design as 35mm S4 primes.


Cooke SK4 set:  6.0mm, 9.5mm, 12mm T2.0 in PL mount. These are Cooke S4’s for Super 16 or 2k formats. VERY RARE set. $9,500.-

Optex Super Cine


High quality modern prime lenses made in UK. Unavailable new since 2004, limited production.

Optex Super Cine 8mm T2.0 in PL mount, custom lens shade. $3925.- 

Optex 8mm T2 Original price € 10,400.- / $11,780.-

Zeiss Mutar 0.6x “Aspheron” Wide Angle Adapter


Reduces focal length 0.6x. Works with Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 10-100mm T2, 11-110 T2.2 and 12-120 T2.4 as well as Distagon 9.5mm T1.3. 10mm becomes 6mm, 9.5mm becomes 5.7mm. This is the CARL ZEISS manufactured version, not the ARRI “Aspheron” that was made by Kern (Bolex lens manufacturer) in Switzerland (which can’t be used on the zooms).  Rare long discontinued item $895.-

More info on the Zeiss 0.6x Mutar

Kinoptic 5.7mm T2.3

Fixed-focus ultra-wide. Covers S16. $995.-

Zeiss Ultra 16 Prime Lenses

Currently sold out. VERY, VERY difficult to find used.

Zeiss High Speed / Super Speed Prime Lenses

Super Speed Mk. I (ARRI Bayonet)

Sold out

Super Speed Mk. II

Zeiss Distagon 1,2/9,5mm T1.3 Mk.II S16/2k


Very hard to find used as a single lens. Zeiss 9.5mm T1.3 in preferred Mk.II version (greatly improved mechanics). Includes PL mount. Excellent wide angle supplement to a S16/2k zoom. Covers S16. won’t last $1495.-

Zeiss Distagon T* 8mm T2.1 Mk. II  in PL mount. The Distagon T* 8mm T2.1 is a high quality wide angle prime lens, originally designed for standard 16 format. Covers Digital Bolex. Some vignetting on Blackmagic BMPCC.

Superb near-mint condition. $975.-

Zeiss High Speed / Super Speed Mk. III


S16 HS Mk. III Set: 9.5, 12, 16, 25, 50mm T1.3 in PL mount. All lenses in set freshly overhauled. -SOLD

Standard 16mm / HD-2k Zoom Lenses (7.5 x 10.3 mm format / partial Super 16 coverage)

Angenieux 12-120 T2.5, good condition, overhauled, ARRI Bayonet mount $795.-

Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* 2.8/10-100 T3.1 (with T* multi-coating), good condition, serviced, ARRI Bayonet mount. $1250.-

Above lenses cover Super 16 over part of their zoom range. Please visit our Optics for Super 16 / 2k page for more detailed information.

NOTE: Standard 16 lenses cover the full sensor on the Digital Bolex camera.

Focal Length Converters/Extenders

Zeiss Mutar 2x

One Zeiss Mutar 2x extender in ARRI Bayonet mount available, please inquire.

For information about any of the above listed lenses, please contact us via email:


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