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Updated 30 April 2017

We are pleased to announce that we have sourced the final batch of new old stock Super 16 conversion kits for the Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 1.8/10-100 T2, so the S16 update of this lens is available again, after having been unavailable since 2005! Please do not delay if you want to have your lens converted as we do not know how long these kits will last…

Zeiss 10-100 T2 Mk. I with Super 16 Conversion Kit (becomes 12-120 T2.4)

Super 16 Optical Update for Zeiss 10:1

Do you own a Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 10-100 T2.0, Mark I or Mark II but need a Super 16 lens for 2k Digital Cinema shooting? CinemaTechnic offers an upgrade for your existing 16mm lens to cover the Super 16mm format, which also covers the 2k windowed formats on all digital cinema cameras that have a Super 35mm sized 4k sensor. We call this Digital Super 16

Your Zeiss 12-120 T2 becomes a 12-120 T2.4. The kit also includes a replacement PL mount (converting your Zeiss 10:1 from Arriflex Bayonet to the more desirable PL mount). The new optics are nicely integrated into the cone of the PL mount.

This new kit is every bit the equal of the original Optex kit in terms of optical quality, but the mechanical integration is better and the cost is lower.

The conversion, at our facility in Hollywood, CA, includes evaluation of the condition of your lens, installation of conversion optics, front and back focus adjustment on our precision autocollimator, and remarking of zoom and iris scales (decals).

Price and Availability

Cost of the optical conversion kit is $1959.- Standard cost of installation is 1.5 hours of labor ($225.-) and includes an expert evaluation of the condition of your lens, cleaning of exposed optics, installation of the S16 conversion optics, adjustment of front (infinity+100mm) and back (at 10mm) focus to Zeiss specifications, and a final check of optical performance on our autocollimator and lens test projector.

Estimated 1.5 hour labor time is based on a lens that has no defects and meet Zeiss specifications for optical quality. Many of these Vario-Sonnar 10:1 lenses are over 30 years old and will require additional service to give best results. The lens owner will be provided with a description of any problems found and an estimate for recommended service.

All work is performed by a Carl Zeiss Level 4+ authorized master lens technician.

Zeiss 10-100 T2.0 to 12-120mm T2.4 Super 16 conversion +PL Mount, $1959.- + $225.- installation: $2184.- estimated total cost

Cooke 9-50mm T2.5 to 10.8-60mm T3.0 Super 16 conversion, -please inquire about availability.

ARRI PL Mount for conversion kit (included, formerly $650.00 additional cost with the Optex kit).

Bayonet mount S16 conversion is no longer available.


Cooke 10.8-62mm T3.0 (Optex conversion)
Cooke 10.8-62mm T3.0 (Optex conversion kit, ARRI Bayonet mount)


Zeiss 12-120mm T2.4 Super 16 Conversion
Zeiss 12-120mm T2.4 Super 16 (Optex Conversion kit, ARRI Bayonet mount)


Zeiss 11.5-115mm T3.4 Super 16 Conversion
Zeiss 11.5-115mm T3.4 Super 16 Conversion

Zeiss 11.5-115mm T3.4 Super 16

(Conversion of Vario-Sonnar 2.8/10-100)
*no longer available – maintained for reference*

A conversion for your Zeiss 10-100 T3 or T3.3 to fully cover the Super 16 format.

Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 2.8/10-100 T3 (T* coating) becomes an 11.5-115mm T3.5

Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 2.8/10-100 T3.3 becomes an 11.5-115mm T3.8. We do not reccomend converting the non multi-coated version.

A new zoom gear and 80mm front are included.

*S16 upgrades for the 2.8/10-100mm are no longer available*

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