ARRI 35IIC Service and Upgrades

Arriflex 35IIC Service and Upgrades

Hard-Front PL Mount:
Probably the best thing you can do for your IIC is to convert the camera to a PL mount “Hard Front”. This replaces the rotating lens turret with a fixed PL mount allowing the use of modern 35mm lenses. We offer P+S Techik’s conversion, seen above, for standard 35IIC cameras.

P+S Technik PL mount conversion for Arri 35IIC *NO LONGER AVAILABLE*

P+S Technik Nikon F mount conversion for Arri 35IIC *NO LONGER AVAILABLE*

Painting of 35IIC at P+S Technik (black or gray) *NO LONGER AVAILABLE*

We also offer a custom PL conversion for the 35 II Medical Cameras, which we perform at our facility.

CinemaTechnic PL Mount conversion for ARRI 35IIC Medical X-Ray Camera $2,000.00 US

CinemaTechnic Nikon F Mount conversion for ARRI 35IIC Medical X-Ray Camera *NO LONGER AVAILABLE*


Crystal Flat-Base Motor: There are many upgrades available for the 35 II. The most popular is to replace the handgrip motor, which is really only practical for hand-held use, with a modern crystal controlled motor that makes the 35 II a flat base camera. We currently offer the Cinematography Electronics IIC Crystal Base.

Cinematography Electronics 35IIC Crystal Motor Base *NO LONGER AVAILABLE*

We are in the early stages of developing a custom crystal motor for our CinemaTechnic 35 LM cameras. *PROJECT CANCELLED*

3-Perf Film Movement: P+S Technik also offers a 3-perf conversion for the 35-II. This will allow you to shoot 35mm with a savings of 25% on film stock and processing costs. The native aspect ratio of this format is 1.78:1 which is a perfect fit for HDTV transfer. Many television shows have converted to 35mm 3-perf for these advantages, and it is a perfect way for independent filmmakers to reduce the cost of shooting 35mm, and protect themselves for the HDTV future. This conversion is available now for $4000.00

Arriflex 35IIC Instruction Manual $25.00


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