Upgrades for Richter Cine Collimators

Upgrades for Richter Cine Collimators

Updated 21 August 2019

CinemaTechnic has been reconditioning and upgrading Richter Cine collimators since 2017. Our experience with the Richter Cine system dates back to 1999.

Digital Upgrade for Richter Cine M-2 Focal Plane Micrometer:

Our digital upgrade for the Richter M-2 replaces the original large Starrett 486 analog micrometer and the ceramic reflector and the assembly that holds it. This upgrade solves many problems:

It eliminates the issue of damaged reflectors. The ceramic reflectors Richter used are no longer available. We tried using front surface mirrors but the results were inadequate.

It eliminates the flatness / tumbling problem with the original reflectors. It is nearly impossible to get the original reflectors to be completely flat as the original micrometer spindle is turned.

It makes zeroing the micrometer very easy. Setting an accurate zero on the analog micrometer is a very difficult task even for an expert.

It allows switching between millimeters and inches. Although most lens shims are calibrated in mm, some shims, such as Cooke are calibrated in inches. With the digital micrometer you can use either measuring system and also switch between them.

Our conversion for the Richter M-2 is unique in that all components except the micrometer are fitted from the front. This allows the micrometer the be placed as far forward as possible, giving a good range of operation.


Richter M-2 FPM with Digital Conversion (includes the Richter part) $1995.-

Conversion of your Richter M-2: Price depends on condition of your M-2. It must be sent in for evaluation and estimate.

NOTE: Due to many variances in dimensions on the original M-2 units, each conversion must be custom fitted. The minimum conversion turn-around  is 5 business days.

Precision Lens Mounts for Lens Testing

For each type of lens you want to test/calibrate on your collimator, you need a Lens Testing Mount. This is a precisely made camera-side lens mount that fits into the Richter M2 Focal Plane Micrometer, S2 Focal Plane Microscope and Reticle Test Projector.

Richter called these “standards”,  and they had a wide selection of them, to work with the various lens mounts of the time. Many were for mounts that are considered obsolete today such as Bell & Howell, Cinema Products, Eclair, Mitchell Standard, RCA TK76 and the like. No new mounts were introduced into Richter’s line after the mid 1990’s.

Of the mounts that are in common use today in professional cinematography, only the ARRI PL and Panavision PV-35 mounts were available from Richter at time the last catalog was issued (1997).

Notably Canon’s EF mount, which has become the first still camera lens mount to become a professional cine standard, was never produced by Richter Cine.

CinemaTechnic has taken up the task of creating the mounts that are needed today. All mounts are produced to the highest standard using modern manufacturing methods and are individually hand calibrated. All this at a price that is no higher than Richter’s price when taking inflation into account.

All CinemaTechnic products are Made in USA.

CinemaTechnic Mounts for Richter Cine Features
  • Thread and seating flange are one piece. This eliminates slipping between the threaded insert and the body of the mount as is typical with original Richter mounts. It also ensures the perpendicularity of the plane of the flange with the pitch center  axis of the thread, since both are machine in one operation.
  • The one piece thread/flange always stops in the same position when threaded onto the Richter M2 Focal Plane Micrometer.
  • The lens mount can be “clocked” to the desired position (putting the focus/iris/zoom marks where you need them) by removing the screws from the lens mount rear flange and rotating the lens mount.
  • The complete mount can be adjusted for exact Flange Focal Distance by using commonly available Zeiss shims between the mount’s rear flange and the thread/seating flange.
  • Flange focal distance and wedge/tilt calibrated to within 0.013mm [0.0005 in] tolerance.

EF (Canon EOS) Mount for Richter Cine

EF Mount is one of the the most widely used  lens mounts in cinematography today, behind only ARRI PL mount.  But an EF lens mount “standard” has never been available for the Richter Collimators and Lens Test Projectors.

EF Mount for Richter Cine $625.-
CinemaTechnic IMS Conversion for Richter Cine M2
  • Adapts Richter Cine M2 Focal Plane Micrometers (M2 FPM) to the IMS (Interchangeable Mount System) standard.
  • A great upgrade for Richter Collimator owners that don’t have a full set of mounts.  Instead of having to search for used Richter mounts in dubious used condition, you can buy new IMS mounts.
  • IMS Adapter stays on the M2 FPM and mounts are quickly switched just like switching PL mount lenses
  • Analog micrometer on the M2 FPM can be zeroed to the IMS Adapter. This eliminates having to re-zero every time a mount is switched.
  • Original Richter Cine mounts can still be used by unscrewing the IMS Adapter.
  • We can offer a version of the IMS Adapter for Richter that is compatible with the Richter Cine Reticle Lens Test Projector on request.
IMS Conversion Mount for Richter M2: $775.-
CinemaTechnic IMS Lens Mounts
  • ARRI PL 54
  • Canon FD
  • Canon EF
  • Contax/Yashica
  • Leica R
  • Nikon F
  • Panavision PV-35

We can custom make a Richter Standard or IMS mount for nearly any lens mount. The limitations are:

For IMS Mount: Flange focal distance of the mount you want must exceed 22mm

For Richter Cine mount: No practical limitations on FFD.

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