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Carl Zeiss  Mutar T* 0.6x “Aspheron” Wide-Angle Adapter

***THIS ITEM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE*** This page is being maintained as a reference.

for Vario-Sonnar zoom 10-100 T2, 11-110 T2.2,
and Distagon prime 9.5mm T1.3.

Converts your Zeiss 10x zoom to a 6.0mm prime, converts Zeiss 9.5mm prime to 5.6mm T1.3 super wide angle prime

ARRI part No. K2.45857.0 (ARRI USA 311471) List price $3,100.- USD (discontinued)

Includes 87mm clamp-on ring for Zeiss 10-100mm T2 Mk.II and 11-110mm T2.2. We can make a delrin step-down ring to 80mm if needed by the purchaser (at extra cost).

We do not have any of these Mutars in stock and do not anticipate having any in the future.

Email at: cinematechnic@mac_com

The Carl Zeiss Mutar f=6mm is a wide angle supplementary lens, commonly know in the industry as an “Aspheron” because these lenses use expensive aspherical surfaces to cancel distortion. The Mutar was made in the Carl Zeiss factory in Oberkochen Germany, along with the Super Speed primes and the Vario-Sonnar zooms.

This supplementary lens fits on the front of a compatible lens and greatly increases it wide angle capability. To use it on the 10-100 or 11-110 zooms, you clamp it on the front of your lens, and set your zoom lens into macro mode and then turn the zoom ring until the image is in focus. This will convert your 10-100mm zoom into a 6mm super wide angle prime. The Zeiss 11-110 becomes a 6.6mm prime. Maximum aperture remains the same (no light loss).

NOTE: It is not possible to “zoom through” with the mutar, the lens remains fixed at 6mm focal length.

With the 9.5mm T1.3 Super Speed prime, the Mutar is attached as above and the lens set near minimum focus until the image is sharp. The focal length is now 5.6mm. Maximum aperture is still T1.3

In both cases, focus must be set by eye, and focus marks on the lens will no longer be accurate. The depth of field is immense at 6mm, so focus does not have to be measured.

The Mutar features the Carl Zeiss T* Multi layer coatings on all air-to-glass surfaces. Note the red T* on the front ring of the lens. This coating is one of the most efficient anti-reflection coatings ever developed and is used on all Zeiss lenses today, including the Ultra Primes.

The T* coating improves optimizes color saturation, enhances contrast and reduces flare to a minimum. The neutral color correction of this lens, standard on all Zeiss lenses, guarantees the absolute interchangeability with all other Zeiss T* multicoated lenses (such as the Super Speed T1.3 prime lens series).

The Zeiss Mutar is not the same as the ARRI Aspheron, which was manufactured in Switzerland. The “Bolex” Aspheron will work with the 9.5mm and 12mm Super Speed primes, but not with the 10-100 zoom.


The Mutar will work with all versions of the Vario-Sonnar 1,8/10-100, including the Mk. I and Mk. II versions, also the 2/11-110 S16 version and lenses converted to S16. Focal length will be 6.6mm on the 11-110 and 7.2mm on the 12-120 conversions.

The 9.5mm T1.3 when used with the Mutar becomes a 5.6mm T1.3 prime. There is some slight vignetteing on the corners of the full Super 16 aperture, but the HDTV 16:9 transmitted area just clears. A very slight push-in on telecine will eliminate this problem.

The Mutar will NOT WORK with the Zeiss Vario Sonnar 2.8/10-100 (T3 or T3.3) versions.

The Mutar will work with the 12mm T1.3, converting it to a 7.2mm prime and covers Super 16, but it was not optimized for this lens and there is some spherical, chromatic and other abberations near the edges of the image. I would not reccomend using the Mutar on the 12mm prime.


    • Optical Design: Carl Zeiss Mutar
    • Film Format: Depends on lens being converted
    • Focal Length: See above, 0.6x of subject lens
    • F-Stop: Same as lens it is used on
    • T-Stop Same as lens it is used on
    • Coating: Carl Zeiss T* multi-layer anti-reflective coating on all air-glass surfaces
  • Lens Mount: 80mm diamemer clamp mount to fit all Zeiss lenses with 80mm front. An 87mm clamp adapter is available from ARRI for the Mk. II version Vario-Sonnar.

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