July 2020 update

A view of Saco Falls, just outside of the CinemaTechnic workshop, on a foggy summer evening

Beginning around July 4 a unknown parasitic human (or bot) somehow hacked our site which caused links from google to our site to be redirected to a spam website. This is what google calls “content injection”.

At the moment, I’m not sure if the problem is on our site specifically, or if the server has been compromised.

I hope none of you thought that I’d started a new career as a sleazy internet “male enhancement” pill salesman. One of our clients informed me of the situation and we are working to correct it. I have also reported the issue to google.

Regrettably, our search engine rank, built up over 20 years, has suffered as a result (the spam site is considered “harmful content”. This shows how much damage malicious hackers can do.

Hopefully our search ranking will recover quickly. In the meantime we recommend you bookmark cinematechnic.com and come directly to the site if you are not seeing us in the search results.

We haven’t gone anywhere…

Thanks as always for your support!

Jorge Diaz-Amador, 17 July 2020, Portland, ME USA