Jorge Diaz-Amador | Director of Photography Projects


Dixon’s Girl     Short      2009 IMDB

Jamaica Motel     Short     2006 IMDB

Southern Justice     Feature     2006     IMDB

Bummy Stone    Short    2005     IMDB

Thanksgiving     Short     2004     youtube IMDB     (additional photography)

Suicide Blonde     Feature     1999      IMDB    (additional photography)


Never Look Back (a/k/a Always Something Better)    Feature     1996     youtube     IMDB

Fractured     Feature     1996     youtube     IMDB

Commercial and Promo Spots

The Big Games     2000

The Times Crew – Fay     1999

The Times Crew – Johnny     1999

Boston University Hockey     2000

Florida Marlins     2000

Music Video

Shakira – Estoy Aqui     1996

Ley Alejandro – Desesperadamente Enamorado     1997

Strings – Meta Morphosis     1998


Optics for Motion Pictures and Digital Cinema

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